Karma for fishing

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There are many types of fish, they all have a sense of God, and they all know that greed and fear of death are no different from others. Fishing is by no means an elegant sport, at best it is only a brutal killing. It is to build your short-term happiness on the infinite suffering of the fish! God has good virtues. He loves fishing and hurts the fish wantonly. Life is bound to be condemned! Take a look at the following example, and compare your own situation, put down the fishing rod, let go of the fish and let yourself go.

Karma for fishing

(1) Realize the pain of fish, never fish

This is my personal experience, and I hope to wake up friends who like fishing. I liked fishing when I was in elementary school and junior high school. At that time, I could find a few wild rivers by cycling around the city for more than half an hour. On weekends, I often made an appointment with adults to take their free ride to go fishing. One day of fishing. Sometimes I rode my bike at 5 in the morning and did n’t come back until 3 in the afternoon. Although there were not many harvests in one day, there were always one or two big fishes until that happened! Since then, I have never fished again.

That year, my friend's father passed away. I went to help with the funeral, and I rested very late. I woke up early to attend a funeral. Maybe too tired, maybe too long in the morgue, that morning somehow he fell down with his face down, his mouth full of blood. The parents thought they had knocked off the incisors, and after a closer look, they found that the inside of the lower lip was punctured by a large hole, so the blood flow was not endless. Hurry to the hospital, the doctor took out the needle to sew my wound. I didn't ask for anaesthetic, I just sew a few needles in my heart, it should be able to hold on. But the next scene made me unforgettable for life! The shape of the needle is very similar to the hook, and it is also hook-shaped. The doctor asked me to open my mouth, open my lips, bend the needle, and the thread passed through the inside of the lips. Stitched 4 stitches, almost fainted!

At that time, I felt that I was no different from the hooked fish! The fish caught must have the same feeling, too painful! Not to mention the scales were scraped off afterwards, the belly was opened, and the pan was fried! From there In the future, I never fished again! The Buddhist scripture says: "For those who lack lips, fishing in the past life, fish must die." (People born with rabbit lips are because of previous fishing, which caused fish to lose their lips kiss.) So the killer must There is retribution, not without retribution, time is not up!

(2) Blood and Tears Advice: Retributions of Others Putting Fish Afterward (Reported by Dr. Guo)

When I was an internal medicine resident, I saw a patient who was a boy who had just returned from the army and was a man with a height of 180 cm and a weight of nearly 90 kg. He was very healthy since he was a child. After he was discharged from the army, he worked at a construction company, earning a high income, and having a good relationship with his girlfriend. It was the happiest time in his life! That day, he came to our hospital because he was talking about business with the dean. Just take a blood test by the way. After the results came out, the inspector was startled, and it turned out to be acute blood cancer! He couldn't believe it, and checked again and again several times, still the same result!

From then on he was admitted to the hospital and started a life that was worse than death! His normal blood cells dropped very low and he needed blood transfusions all the time. He had a fever and the mercury in the thermometer was full, exceeding the scale! His hair was all light and thin Immature, aged for dozens of years, like an old man in his sixties or seventies! Once he was treated with chemotherapy, his entire mouth was peeled, and his two rows of teeth were loose, so painful that he couldn't even drink drool. Oral The rotten meat stinks rottenly, and he ca n’t even bear himself! Although he is not my patient, I often visit him to help him clean his mouth. When the water flows into the cavity, it often hurts because of too many wounds. His body trembled, and his mother couldn't stop crying beside him. I watched the rotten meat falling from his mouth, shivering like that, and couldn't help tears.

Once during the blood transfusion, he suddenly got cold and suddenly got fever, his body trembled, and he was in pain! In the end, he could n’t stand it. He pulled out the needle himself, and the blood splattered. The energy to rush out is gone! He told me: "Dr. Guo, I saw a lot of fish come to ask for help, as if thousands of horses were pressing on me, so terrible." He said, crying, making people extremely Sympathy but helplessness!

He used to be a Christian and had no idea of reincarnation. Sometimes a fat, loyal friend would come to see him, seeing him so painfully, that friend couldn't say a word, so he sighed outside the ward, as if crying. At this time, the patient opened his mouth very difficult and told me, "That fat friend, I used to laugh that he was a fool because he used to go When he releases the fish, I laugh at him and say he can't eat fish. What kind of fish? If you release the fish, I will fish. Really, every time he releases the fish, I go fishing, others release it, and I fish after it. After I fish the fish back, I put it in the bucket, and then I hold the fishing rod and fish again, watching the stupid fish. Hooked again, I feel very proud! Now my mouth is like a fish mouth hooked by a fishhook, all broken, teeth are shaking, and one just needs to fall off. That fat friend has a good heart and will come to see me. Now I know that he is not stupid at all. I am a complete fool! "

At that time, he was having a hard time speaking, and he had to endure every pain in speaking every word. I looked at a man who was originally strong and wept sadly and said, "Even if I kill me, I won't fish anymore. My mouth is broken. It turned out to be so painful. How could I be so cruel before?" I heard here I only comforted him with tears and said, "Just sincerely repent, fishes will forgive you! Christianity and Buddhism both teach people to repent sincerely, to break from evil to good, and the merits of repentance are great."

I will always remember this. Every time I go to the park pool, where people are fishing, I can't help it. People who ask for fishing with their hands together tell them one by one that the patient is in remorse. Follow the same path of blood and tears! Some people don't believe it. They look at me coldly, as if looking at a strange animal, but most people are still willing to put away the fishing rod. I really appreciate it, and they will salute them together. Because any conscientious doctor encounters such a patient, watching him painlessly helpless, but also suffering in his heart!

I have encountered a lot of such situations, which are difficult to save by medicine. No matter how rich and powerful people are, they ca n’t ask others to suffer for themselves! (This patient is also a Bodhisattva, who has suffered so much pain, to warn us). So, Many people do n’t understand. In fact, animals are also life. All animals have their own sense of consciousness and desire to survive. If we hurt them, they will take revenge on us. This is cause and effect. It ’s very simple. Action and counteraction It's just like hitting others hard, and your own hand will hurt too!

(Three) fishing disfigurement

1. My hometown is in the rural area of southwestern Shandong. Fishing and catching shrimp is the most normal thing, especially during farming. People do n’t understand cause and effect, nor do they associate their unfortunate experiences with killings. Once we look back and compare one ’s experience with what he ’s doing, we will be surprised to find that karma is not bad, shocking!

My cousin, 42 years old, has been a master fish catcher since he was a child. Whether he touches fish, fishes, or forks fish, he is very good. In my memory, their family has almost never eaten fish, and many people envy him. I went back to my hometown last year and lived in my brother's house. My sister-in-law said that the cousin had a car accident and almost died! One night he went to the neighboring village to drink. It was late at night when he got home. Tractor, because of the light of the tractor, he couldn't see the road clearly. When avoiding the tractor, he accidentally rode into the sand beside the road.

When a passer-by found him, it was already more than two o'clock in the morning. He had a home phone number on his mobile phone, and the passer-by found his wife based on this number. The wife called the uncle to take him to the hospital together, and he woke up three days later, but was seriously injured, the cervical spine was broken, and his lips were torn. When I went to see him, he couldn't lower his head, twist his head, wear a fixing device around his neck, his teeth were gone, but he was still eating fish!

My cousin's face has been disfigured, especially the lips, rotten, and the traces after the stitches are split, the lips are divided into several parts, the beard and the scar are black and white, and it looks very weird! According to his wife, when the incident happened, His mouth had completely rotten, and he could only see a rotten flesh, and he couldn't tell the difference between the mouth and the nose! When I saw him, he couldn't speak well, because his lips and gums were still connected!

The doctor's initial treatment was to get him a mouth first, and the next operation was to separate the lips from the gums. This situation is similar to the cruel piercing of the fish's lips when he fished! Later I said to him: " This is your retribution for fishing, don't catch any more fish later! "

In the same village, there are two other people who like to catch fish. They often "snake and catch fish". They can eat everything, even loach! Both men later suffered from mental illness. In their thirties, they fell into a ditch and died. Amazingly, they both died in a ditch that often catches fish, terrible karma!

2. A friend of mine is addicted to fishing, and he is given the "good reputation" of "Fishing King". He went fishing almost every weekend on the outskirts, and had a lot of fun, but he didn't care about the pain of the fish. After I persuaded many times, his killings finally waited for the fierce retribution!

Last year, this friend suffered a major car accident, which caused the collapse of the nasal bridge bone, severe injury of the tongue base, fragmentation of the chin bone, incision of the throat into the trachea, and cracking of the palate. Three facial surgeries were performed for facial cosmetic surgery alone, which cost 50,000 yuan. This is terrible! I went to the hospital many times to see him, and the language of the painful scene was difficult to express. There are still sequelae, manifested as: numbness of the tongue, dullness of the lips, reinstallation of a plastic chin bone, and facial scars! After the accident, I analyzed the area of his injury, the tongue, the palate, the bridge of the nose, and the lips. The parts are exactly the parts where the fish hooks caught the fish when he was fishing. The torture he added to the fish is now being returned to himself. Such obvious karma is shocking!

Sadly, now that he has recovered from his serious injury, he is immediately involved in fishing. I have warned a few times that he could not listen at all. The sea of suffering is endless and the shore is turning back, but if I do n’t know the turning back, the bigger bitterness is still behind. In addition, my father-in-law's best friend, who specializes in managing Huangpi, has a very large business, and once had a lot of scenery, but one day, because of a dispute, he was strangled by a knife, and he was only forty years old when he died! , Easy to be perilous, I hope those fishermen will be warned!

(4) advise relatives and friends not to fish

My father is a veteran of fishing. He is skilled and knows all kinds of fish floods. When fishing with a hand, a small light directly shines on the buoy. As long as the buoy floats up or down and flashes, there is little frustration when the pole is pulled. When removing the hook, the fish's mouth and fish eyes were broken by the fishhook, and the fish's mouth was still one piece together, muttering, as if complaining and cursing. When reel fishing, the eels are even more pitiful. The eels are swallowed, so they will be swallowed with the fish hook and bait. When they are pulled up, the eel's body will twist into a ball, which looks very painful. In retrospect, the act of fishing was cruel and foolish!

Shortly after graduating from junior high school, his father suddenly developed stomach cancer, and the family immediately fell into a cloud of misery. When his father was sent to the doctor, the doctor examined it by laparotomy, and then sutured him. He shook his head and said, "Nothing was saved." At that time, the cancer cells had spread to other parts, and his father's stomach gradually expanded. Whenever he moaned and groaned and rolled around, I remembered the situation where the eels were caught and struggled, and I also felt that my father was doing it on the operating table. The caesarean operation is exactly the same as when he went fishing to go home to kill the fish and cut the belly! After so many months of sorrow, his father finally died in extreme pain, leaving the family with endless sorrow ...

Although my father Do good, but I do n’t know the Dharma, I do n’t know the cause and effect, fishing is a hobby, and I am killing all beings. Although there are longevity, it is the easiest to kill life, and it is the most difficult to bear the fruit. It is no wonder that the five precepts of Buddhism are to quit killing. First of all! The above is the revenge of fishing that I have experienced personally. Here I would like to advise all people who enjoy fishing for fun. The cause and effect are not uncomfortable, and the killing of the fruit is terrible! Come back when the evil is not coming!

(5) Do not poison fish, fried fish, electric fish

1. The author ’s uncle, originally a simple farmer, rarely did evil in his life. He often met the villagers to the riverside in the late years, lowered the net to block fishing, and sprayed poison into the water when the lower net could not be caught. The villagers took it as usual. So few people persuaded him to live like this for years. Later in the year, before going to bed for several consecutive nights, he heard the sound of someone dragging on the floor with handcuffs and feet, and walking around his room. He asked his family if they heard it, and the family said, "Where is it? Probably your ears are wrong! "He was suspicious. Within a few days, my uncle quarreled with his family due to a trivial matter, and he couldn't think of it for a while, but he killed himself with the pesticide while he was away! His death was terrible, and when his family found out, he had lost his life!

The Cause and Effect Classic says, "Why are poison dead people? They are all venomous fishmen." It is precisely this! Because the venomous fishes, large and small fish do not leave the road, they are all killed, and their crimes are very serious and are reported. Miserable!

2. A fish-fried expert reports: My family is only three kilometers away from the Xiangjiang River. I often hear the sound of artillery firing on the river. There was a 26-year-old young man named Tang Fulai who often fished on the river. His fish-frying skills are very high. He is known as a "fish-fighting expert". The fish he killed is more than tens of millions. He also made a small fortune. As the saying goes: "Good and evil come to an end." One morning in the summer of 1970, as usual, he took explosives and rowed a small wooden boat to fish on the river. Suddenly he saw a big fish jumping out of the water. He immediately ignited the explosive fuse in his hand, but then suddenly he was fascinated and holding the burning fuse. Someone shouted that he was about to lose it, and he couldn't hear it! At the moment of the bang, the fried fish flew wildly and died in the place where the fish was fried! His wife and children came in distressed, and their relatives and friends shook their heads and sighed. The report of killing is so miserable and so fast! Latecomers should be warned!

3. Humou once pulled out a wire from his house, wound it around a bamboo pole with iron wire, and went fishing in the pond behind the house. He asked his wife to turn on the power (lighting power), and then slammed the bamboo pole into the pond. In the moment, the big fish and small fish jumped in the water. After a while, a fish of about 2 kg was corona and floated on the water. Hu rushed into the water to fish, but accidentally brought the bamboo pole into the pond. The water in the pond was overpowered. Hu was dying of the electricity on the spot, leaving his young wife and a two-year-old son.

(6) The Extinction of "Fishing Team"-Killing the Bad

There was a well-known fishing team in the family hospital of my parents. Every morning when I was a kid, when I heard the sound of the "tutu" motorcycle running downstairs, I knew that the "fishing team" had set off. Every weekend, the fishing team goes fishing in the suburbs with great pleasure. Later, when I left home and lost the north and south, the news of the fishing team was little known. I went home to celebrate the Chinese New Year in the Spring Festival in 2006. I heard my mother said that the old Zhang family upstairs moved a new house. After the death, a new house was left. Upon asking, I found out that as the last member of the fishing team, Lao Zhang had died of cancer a few years ago! At this point, almost all members of the fishing team have died of middle-aged and early death! The fishing team, having fun as a fish, is miserable Perish ...

(VII) Fishing for Death

My two male colleagues, Liu and Zhang, often meet to go fishing together. At more than 5 a.m. on April 20, 2004, Liu went fishing on a motorcycle driven by Zhang. Not far past the gas station, suddenly somehow met with a large truck Face to face! Zhang Mou's skull was cracked and killed on the spot; Liu Mou was hospitalized with a serious injury, and it is difficult to recover. Both have young wives and young daughters, and their relatives and colleagues in both families are sad and lamented! People always do n’t believe in cause and effect, but who has let it go!

Huayi Fortune Telling Network reminds you: No matter whether you are lucky or bad, do n’t have to be happy or discouraged. Fortunately, good fortune is bad luck, bad luck is good luck in the past, and doing good things is the root of good luck. (Reprinted, please indicate from -Huayi.com: allblogsite.com)


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