The critical point of release and the realm that transformation fate may experience

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Releasing is the act of releasing those who are being killed immediately, which can also be seen literally. The following is what a layman saw and heard and some thoughts. We Huayi Fortune-telling network to share with everyone, I hope to help everyone.

The critical point of release and the realm that transformation fate may experience

First, the critical point of release

Everyone has a certain degree of killing. Some people have great killings in this life, and some of them have been older. But he no longer knows. Old Master Ying Ying once said: "Release is debt repayment, and there are many more debt killings." Then when will these debts be repaid? This is the critical point of release! Once the good deeds for release exceed your life, Ten years, or even a hundred years of killing, you "turned around", wisdom opened up, wealth increased, confidence increased, things went smoothly, Buddhahood was quiet, and life was bright. Some people have a small number of releases, they have eliminated the karma and broke the threshold. Others need to be released for a long time. Many lives can be done. I hope everyone can release their minds and break their own killing threshold as soon as possible. point!

Here are some prodigals who turned back to pay off their debts and see how they broke through their critical points. The first one was me. When I was a kid, I killed tens of thousands of frogs and insects. Later, when I contacted the Dharma, I knew that the fruit killing was a short-lived disease and I would not kill it immediately. Think about the situation when I just started to release in 2003, I can be more considerate to those who just learned to release and only paid ten yuan for the joy, because I was also at the time! At that time, there was no money, the monthly income was 600, and dozens of yuan were released each week. There are several lives to count! But when I first came into contact with the release, I really liked the feeling, and it became a habit. I didn't release much in 2004, but all of them were beautiful. In 2005, more than 300 yuan were released each time, once every two weeks. In 2006, they were willing to release and urge others to release. In August of 2006, I completely turned around! After that, there are always bright lights around me, and there are some more wonderful realms that are not specifically mentioned.

Last spring festival, I gave birth to an aunt who had cancer. After the third time, a total of about 6,000 yuan was released. Aunt He suddenly no longer pained or vomited blood. He died peacefully a few days later. This is extremely rare among cancer patients. of. Therefore, if someone from the initiate ’s family dies, you must actively release it, let it go, let it go wild! It ’s more important for the dying person to let him revert to walking with Amitabha! It ’s not very important that he study the Buddha. It ’s good to read, but release is also very important, it can reduce his large amount of karma, otherwise the pain and enemies will lead him to death in the end! He has been letting him go until he changes his mind, loves the Buddha, wants to die, and does not suffer, etc. Wait until!

Cancer is generally a killer, and it is caused by heavier killing, so compared to other patients, it is more important to sacrifice Buddha for it! There are two ways to treat cancer in hospitals, either to provide nutrition to normal cells, but the results are all cancer. Cells are absorbed, or chemotherapy cells are used to kill the cancer cells, but the beneficial cells are killed first. In fact, it is useless! So do n’t stay in the hospital all the time for cancer. This is Aunt He, you can turn around if you put 6000 yuan!

There is a fellow initiate, who was relieved last year. He has now released 100,000 yuan, but his troubles are still very serious, because his family ’s killing business is very big! His father sold fish. Wholesale, he and his brother used to set fire to the mountain. His mother also had a heavy killing business. He also sold fish. He had to eat a live chicken every month. He also often bought bullfrogs. Uncontrollable, he often burst into tears. After release, he can often sit quietly for a long time. We are all happy for him, but in general, we have not converted to kill debt. These debts must be repaid, otherwise all will come to you when you are dying. At that time, who can help you? There was a fellow initiate who had killed pigs. Now he is studying Buddhism, and he is sweating every time he releases it. It ’s a blessing for Buddhism that some prodigal sons turn around, so that we do n’t let others help us! If we have done this, we must admit our mistakes and we must bear them. Let ’s all reach our own release threshold as soon as possible!

There is also a fellow initiate. His father is now deteriorating, so he took all his retirement benefits and put in other money, which totaled more than 52,000 yuan. His father said that I must continue to let go and break through my killing karma. It is very special and very touching! I have also seen a female initiate who has never paid for her life. She had some pains. A Months later, all disappeared. This is the result of a healthy and long life with no money, but released with happiness! Because when you release money to others to buy and release animals on behalf of the happiness, the merit is equivalent to the person who gave the money. In modern society, time is money. If you spare time after work, you will be given money if you give up time!

Note: Cultivation of the mind is the foundation of studying Buddhism, and the benefits of a large number of releases are inestimable, but you must often cultivate your compassion when you release. Only when you start to feel bad for this life and treat it as a life with flesh and blood, their injuries and terrors Your destiny will change quickly when you are afraid, or even when death begins to touch your heart. When the heart changes, the world changes. All destiny of man is built on this compassionate heart. It is a good tool for prosperity. Nothing in the world has the preciousness of a soft heart. When you have a truly soft Heart, no wish is impossible.

Second, the realm of transforming fate

When it comes to transforming destiny, I often think of a word-"rebirth from the fire". Although "rebirth" makes people long for it, it must go through the pain of "the fire"! Many people have to experience the "fake" to rebuild fate. "Believe", "don't believe", "true believe" three stages.

The first stage is the first hearing of the Dharma, which is to start hearing the teachings of the Dharma, seeing the teachings of the good book, believing that destiny can be changed, and believing that “kind of good cause and good fruit” must be correct, and destiny must changed. At this time, if you say that he is not a true believer, he must rush to you and argue with you! In fact, at this time, he just regards the realm of others as his realm. What is the merit of release? He would say "of all merit, release first", how is filial piety? He would say "one hundred filial piety first", a set! In fact, it is all said by the saint, he has not personally It has been proven that no setbacks or obstacles have been encountered, and the realm has not been tested. At this time, a large part of people can only say that they believe.

The second stage is practice, that is, starting to implement what you have learned into your life. Began to release, for a long time, but no change in fate; Doing good deeds, doing good deeds for a long time, and not seeing a great improvement in destiny, at this time he began to doubt, "Is it really merit to release?" "Is there a blessing to do good deeds?" "Does the Dharma lie to others?" Etc. All the questions came out. This is a very painful process, which is what I mean by "bath fire". At this time, you may have doubts about the content of the Dharma, and you may not even believe it!

The third stage is to get results. If, after "bath fire", you still do not give up practicing the content of your first Dharma, after some pain, or even unbearable pain, the dawn appears! Then you will truly believe in "the first of all virtues" "," Hundred good filial piety is the first "," Destiny for self-reliance, blessing for yourself "! The content of the law you heard is really your own! For more than two years, I have organized nearly 40 large-scale releases, 215 days release, after I have at least more than 500,000 release models, and I often talk about the release merit! Two years ago, I must believe these, but in two years, I do not know how many times I have doubted, or even suspected release Is it right or wrong ?! Is it merit or crime ?! Remember, you must practice, do n’t just give money and things, you must also do your best, you must do it yourself, as long as you stand up to the "bath fire" The pain will definitely be "born again", because this is the law of everything in the world!

Huayi Fortune Telling Network reminds you: No matter whether you are lucky or bad, do n’t have to be happy or discouraged. Fortunately, good fortune is bad luck, bad luck is good luck in the past, and doing good things is the root of good luck. (Reprinted, please indicate from -Huayi.com: allblogsite.com)


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