The miracle that surprised the fortune teller

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A few pieces Fortune-teller's amazing miracle

Most of the Chinese have heard of metaphysics, whether it is looking at pictures, fortune-telling, or divining, all the time. Those who are good at this technique will feel decisive. I don't think this is a superstition, just a technique!

The miracle that surprised the fortune teller

However, there is an old saying in China: Xiangyou is born in heart, this is true. Interesting things that can't be matched after doing good deeds:


Pei Du (765-839), a famous figure in the Tang Dynasty, was impoverished when he was young, and only lived by teaching in the countryside. Although his knowledge was very profound, he had no choice but to fail in time. One day in 789, 25-year-old Pei Du came to the street and passed a temple and saw a group of Zen masters facing each other. After waiting for everyone to leave, he invited a group of Zen masters to meet each other. A line of Zen masters has long been familiar with it and said, "You are born with a low-quality image. In this life, you not only have no hope of gaining a reputation, but your eyes are out of the way, and the entrance of the vertical stripes is a begging street, starving and dying! I think you have a test!"

Pei Du listened, and was very sad. He was dejected all day, and was even listless. A few days later, Pei Du went to the Xiangshan Temple for a stroll and saw a woman kneeling in front of the Buddha in the temple, muttering and praying, and left in a hurry. Pei Du saw a bag on the desk and untied it. It was a very valuable item, a jade belt and two rhino belts. He thought that this must be owned by the woman just now, so he sat waiting for the owner.

At four o'clock in the afternoon, the woman was sweating heavily, panting, and hurried into the door, scanning the desk again, and wailing loudly.

Pei Du stepped forward to ask her, and the woman cried and said, "My father was seriously ill and his property was exhausted. Yesterday I called on a famous doctor. There was a slight improvement. So this morning, I rushed to a relative's house and borrowed a jade belt to prepare for the pledge. I borrowed money for medical expenses. I passed the temple and prayed to the temple by the way, but I hurried and forgot to take the jade belt. When I arrived at the pawnshop, I found that the jade belt was missing. I have no money, my father must not be able to survive, and my mother and younger sister are still waiting. I do n’t know what to do! ”After that, he burst into tears.

Pei Du gave the restorer and the woman thanked him. On the way home, Pei Du met another group of Zen masters. Only a few steps away, a group of Zen masters called Pei Du to turn around and said to him: "You must have made a great Yinde, I look at your appearance, the entrance of the viper becomes a jade band, not only will not starve to death, but also There are countless blessings in the future, and they may come out and come in! "

Pei Du was afraid that a master Zen satirically answered, "You really love joking! Why is the master inconsistent?" A master Zen answered: "A body that is seven feet long is not as good as a face that is one foot long, and a face that is one foot long is not as good as a three inch long nose. , A three-inch long nose is not as good as a heart! "

Pei Du said with a smile: "How do people feel like?"

A line of Zen masters replied: "To know the meaning of heaven, you must take it in the clouds, you must know the inner things, you must discern the gods in your eyes. You have accumulated ethics, your eyes are not floating, your eyes are purple, and the lines of your mouth are longer than this part of the pond. The beard becomes evenly beautiful. When you have Yinde, the appearance on your face will change, and you will undoubtedly enjoy the extremely expensive Fulu! "

Therefore, Pei Du told a group of Zen masters that he had just returned the jade belt at Xiangshan Temple, and the Zen master also applauded his good deeds.

That year (five years of Dezong Zhenyuan), Pei Du was admitted to the bachelor's rank. After more than ten years of official transportation, he was promoted to a "both university bachelor" and soon became the prime minister. His promotion to the Prime Minister was very tortuous: At first, Pei Du was sent to Caizhou by the order of the court, proclaimed a decree to the army, and returned to the court to present the book to capture the rebels. Rebels such as Wang Chengzong and Li Shidao tried to obstruct Caizhou's reinforcements, so they secretly lured Beijing divisions, stabbed the power-ministers, and killed prime minister Wu Yuanheng. They attacked Pei Du with a sword three times. The first sword cut off the laces. The second sword stabbed Pei Du's back but only cut his underwear. The third sword slightly stabbed Pei Du's head. Coincidentally, he was wearing a felt hat, so the sword wasn't bad. When the rebel chased Pei Du, Pei Du's followers Wang Yi grabbed the rebel and called, and the rebel turned back and cut off Wang Yi's hand with a knife, so that Pei Du could escape. Because Pei Du was too hasty when he escaped, he accidentally fell into the gully. The rebel thought that Pei Du was dead, so he left.

The emperor said: "Pei Du was able to escape from danger, it's all God's will!" So he ordered Pei Du as "Huaixi to seek envoys", and calmed down the Huaixi civil strife, and sealed him as "Jin Guogong", often ordered to send envoys. Land nations. Siyi's ruler will certainly ask Pei Du's age and appearance, which shows how awe and admiration the Chinese and Yi people respect him!

Pei Du served four emperors and always showed good moral character. He has five sons, all of whom were given knighthood by the court.


During the Qing Dynasty, on the Chongming Island in Jiangsu, there was a Huang Yongjue. At that time, the master decided that he had no children and could only live to 60 years. One day, a ship from Nanyang encountered a wind disaster on the sea, and the entire ship was about to be destroyed. Huang Yongjue quickly took out twelve silvers and hired a fishing boat to rescue them. A total of 13 people were rescued. Later, he met the master again, and the master said in surprise: "You must have accumulated a lot of yin and yin after you have shaved your face. In the future, you will not only have a son, but you will also be admitted to the No. 1 spot. You can also get it yourself. Longevity. "Later, she really gave birth to a son, named Zhenfeng, who won the first prize in the reign of Kangxi (1679). He also died in his nineties.


Wen Rushi (1754-1820) was born in Longshan Township, Shunde County, Guangdong Province. He wrote poems and calligraphy, and wrote "Closer Records" and "Xuexuan Poetry Notes". Juveniles fluttered again and again. In the forty-nine years of Qianlong (1784), he was admitted as a scholar. (Before he was not developed, the master said that he could only be a four-grade official in his life.) He later joined Hanlin and finally became a teacher of the Emperor Jiaqing.

In the 59th year of Qianlong, the Shunde embankment in Guangdong was siege. Wen Rushi returned to his hometown because of Ding You and witnessed the displacement of the people. He knew that building a dike was not an easy task. According to the old example, taxes should be levied according to the size of the field, but he did not follow the previous method. He persuaded the rich in Shunde County to donate funds to complete the construction of the dike. In addition, he also set up Yi Xue, willing to do good and help others.

Later, he returned to the capital, and the master saw his Facing his face, he was surprised and said, "You must have planted a lot of Ford in your hometown. Otherwise, how can your appearance and bones change a lot? You can be promoted to two ranks!" Wen Rushi told the master, and the master said with a smile: "Xianyouxinsheng, your future is unlimited!"

Later, he served as the examiner in Guangxi, Sichuan, and Shandong, and presided over the Shaanxi Gansu College, and was promoted to the Ministry of War. His son Wen Chengzhang, Daoguang admitted to the cadet for six years, entered the Hanlin Academy, and became the chief officer of the Ministry of Criminal Affairs.


During the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty, there was a very famous fortune teller named Chen Qi in Hangzhou. Because his facial skills are very effective, everyone gave him a "Ghost Eye Seven" nickname. At that time, there was a wealthy businessman in Hangzhou named Xue Er. He invited two friends to see him.

"Ghost Eyes Seven" said to Xue Er's first friend, "You will be promoted after the fall!"

To Xue Er's second friend, "You will get rich in a month!"

When the Xiangshi looked at Xue Er, he was taken aback and said, "You have a stucco color on your face. I'm afraid that if you can't escape the 50th day, you will die. You may not survive the Mid-Autumn Festival!"

Xue Er's first friend was the paperwork of Jianmen. One day, when he was walking on a mountain road, he heard that the governor hunted in the mountains, and he stopped to watch. Soon, a grizzly bear was seen chasing someone. To save people, he picked up a wooden stick by the side of the road and rushed forward to fight the grizzly bear. After a while, several military grandfathers came again, and together they killed the bear. It was later discovered that the person the Grizzly chased was the governor, and in order to thank him for his life-saving grace, the protector promoted him to Zhixian, a small county.

Xue Er's second friend was a scholar, and his grandfather was critically ill. He informed his descendants to come back to send him off and ordered his family: "Whoever goes home first, give him the 5,000 gold buried in the back garden." Due to his strong filial piety, he rushed back to his hometown overnight; when he arrived at the house, his grandfather had not given up, and immediately gave him five thousand two gold.

Xue Er saw that the two friends who had met him had fulfilled, thinking that he might be in danger, so he took out his money, did good deeds, built bridges, and applied coffins. He thought: sooner or later, death will come. What do I have to worry about and worry about?

One day, Xue Er went to Qiantang River for a walk, and saw a person who seemed to want to cast a river. Xue Er immediately stepped forward, hugged the other person, and asked him why he died. He replied: "My name is Hu Rui and I am from Yangzhou. I concentrated the funds of several brothers to come to Hangzhou to buy goods. Unexpectedly, a hurricane last night sank the cargo ship. Although I saved a small life, I thought about it and went back to my hometown without face. It ’s better to die, so I wanted to invest in Jiang to commit suicide. ”Xue Er listened, persuaded, and donated 2,252 silver to him. Hu Rui invites Xue Er to stay Name, Xue Erjian refused to resign.

Half a month after the Mid-Autumn Festival, Xue Er strolled on the street and met Xiangshi Guiyan Qi again. Ghost Eye Seven said in surprise: "Mr. Xue! The stucco color on your face is gone! You should die or not, you must have made a good deed, and you will have a long life in the future!"

At this time, Xue Er realized in his heart that "the phase turns from the heart and protects the life for the good." He smiled at the Xiangshi, explained the truth, and thanked him for pointing. Later, Xue Er devoted himself to the good, and lived until he was ninety years old.

Huayi Fortune Telling Network reminds you: No matter whether you are lucky or bad, do n’t have to be happy or discouraged. Fortunately, good fortune is bad luck, bad luck is good luck in the past, and doing good things is the root of good luck. (Reprinted, please indicate from -Huayi.com: allblogsite.com)


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