Where does blessing come from, filial piety

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Yang Xun was instructed by old monks to filial piety

Yang Yan is from Taihe County, Anhui Province. He felt impermanent in life and was determined to practice Taoism. He heard that the Master of Sichuan Promise was very good. In order to get close to the Master, he said goodbye to his parents, left his hometown, and went to Sichuan to visit the Master for guidance.

Just arrived in Sichuan Province and met an old monk who was more than a few years old. He paid a respectful respect to the old monk. The old monk asked him: 'Where did you come from? What did you do in Sichuan?' He replied. : 'I'm from Anhui Province, and I think of Sichuan's visit to the Master of the End, and the path to study Dharma. 'The old monk said:' If you want to see Master Wuji, it is better to see the Buddha. 'Yang Yang asked:' I really want to see the Buddha, but I do n’t know where the Buddha is, and ask the old monk to instruct me, okay? 'The old monk said:' Hurry home and see a quilt on your shoulders and shoes on your feet Yes, that's the Buddha. Yang Yang heard the old monk ’s words and was convinced that he was packing his clothes and hiring a boat to return to his hometown. After trekking for more than a month on the road, it was already a dusk at dusk. He knocked on the door of his house and called When the mother opened the door, his mother heard that the baby son was back, and jumped up from the bed with joy, too late to put on clothes, just put a quilt on her shoulders, dragged her shoes upside down, and hurried out to open the door to welcome her. Seeing his mother who had fallen down, Yang Ming suddenly realized that his parents were living Buddhas.

Since then, she has tried her best to filialize her parents, to make the parents as satisfying as possible in material terms, and to make them as happy as possible in the spiritual aspect. Later, Yang Kun enjoyed an eighty-year-old high life. (From the ancient book of moral education)

Where does blessing come from, filial piety

Xu Yipeng moved the tiger with pure filial piety

Xu Yipeng, a native of Shexian County, Zhejiang Province, is very filial to his parents. He has a poor family and has to go abroad to make a living.

One night, he had a bizarre dream. When he woke up, he said to the owner, "I'm afraid my father is seriously ill at home. I'm anxious to go home and see my father. 'On his way home, he passed a mountain and suddenly met a tiger. Due to the sincerity of his filial piety, despite the danger, some did not panic. He calmly prayed and said,' I am sick for my father. If you want to go home and wait, let the tiger show mercy, and don't stop me. 'It's strange to say that the tiger seemed to be touched and turned away.

Xu Yipeng returned home. His father was already ill and unconscious. When he saw his son going home, he woke up and said to him, "My love, did you encounter a tiger on the road when you came home? Just now I was taken to Hades, and I heard a conversation from a man in the clothing, knowing that I was supposed to end my life, because the son Chunxiao was moved by the Tigers to retreat, and Hades specially prolonged my life. '

Later, his father's illness healed and he died 12 years later. (From the ancient book of moral education)

Pan Zong saves his father from banditry by death

Pan Zong was from Wuxing of Zhejiang in the Jin Dynasty.

At that time, Sun En, the demon party, was in chaos, and the bandits broke through the village. Pan Zong had an elderly father who was in his seventies and difficult to act. He was carrying his father to avoid banditry. So he had to walk very slowly, in danger of catching up with the bandits. His father, Pan Mao, said to him: 'I am old and cannot move or run away. You are young and you can run alone, but you have no time to avoid banditry. If you take me, you will walk slowly and you will be bound to If you catch up with the bandit, then both of us will be killed. I hope you don't care about me, running away by yourself can save your life. "Pan Zong heard his father's words, although he felt very reasonable, but he refused to abandon his old father, and finally caught up with the bandits.

Pan Zong said to the bandits, "My father is already in his 70s. Please forgive him and save his life!" His father Pan Mao also asked the bandits: "My son Young, I could have avoided it, so I didn't leave because I didn't want to abandon me. But I'm old, and it doesn't matter if I die, I just want to save my son's life. 'A bandit was about to slash the old Pan Yan with a knife. The old man was so scared that his body was scared. Pan Zong hurriedly held his father under his belly. The bandit then raised the knife and cut Pan Zhan. Suddenly passed out. Suddenly another bandit ran over and said to the rest of the bandit: 'This young man saves his father by death is a valuable filial son, how can he kill him? Killing the filial son is ominous, and must not be killed!' The soldiers listened and hurried to rescue Pan Zong, escorting their father and son home safely. (From the ancient book of moral education)

Filial piety guards the sick from fire

During the Qianlong period of the Qing Emperor Qianlong, a fire broke out in Zhuxie Street, Beiping (now Beijing), and more than a hundred houses were burned. Thousands of people were killed and injured. They cried and shouted for a while, and the situation was extremely miserable. The property is even more inestimable. But in this fire, an incredible miracle also happened. Among the ruins of the fire, there was a broken house standing alone and not burned. Who lives in this lucky broken house? Why can we avoid the fire alone?

According to people: In the broken house, there is only an old lady in her sixties and a young widow in her twenties. They are both aunt and dependent on each other. The mother-in-law's son died a few years ago. Many people from the neighboring villages came to talk to the widow and persuaded her to remarry. But this young widow, because her mother-in-law was bedridden for a long time, needed her to take care of her day and night. Sacrifice his youth, insist on rejecting people's media, and the representative will never marry. Year after year, she took care of the sick aunt with patience, no complaints, no expressions.

In this fire, when the blazing flames burned to their neighbors, the wind suddenly changed direction, so the flames did not burn their houses. People at that time thought that it was the filial piety of the filial piety that guarded the sick aunt, and moved the bodhisattva, so the bodhisattva blessed them from fire. (Taken from the summer record of Liyang)

Daoist Master's sincerity

Later Zhou Daojiao Master, a native of Gui'an, Chang'an, Shaanxi, has been born since he was a child, and became a monk at the age of seven.

At the age of 19, a war broke out in Chang'an, and he took his mother to take refuge in Huashan and lived in a cave. At that time, the price of rice was very expensive due to the impact of the military disaster. He had no money to buy rice, and had to starve his stomach and beg for his mother. The mother asked him: 'Is my son full?' Although he was hungry, in order to prevent his mother from being sad, he replied: 'I'm full. 'His father was a soldier who died in the battle of Huoshan. His mother said to him:' Your father died in Huoshan and his bones were exposed to the wind and frost. Can you find it and bury it? ' Ming, hurried all the way to Huoshan, to find his father's bones.

But when he saw piles of white bones on the battlefield, he couldn't know which one was the remains of his father. He chanted the scriptures day and night and prayed to the air and said, 'The ancient people ’s sincere sense, there is blood dripping to recognize the bones. Now I want to find the bones of the father, and wish that among the bones, if there is a rotation, it is my father's remains. 'He stared intently at a large pile of bones, prayed sincerely, and after a few days, suddenly a skull jumped out of the bone pile, shaking it for a long time. He knew it was definitely the bones of his father, and he couldn't help jumping. , Took the skull in his arms, and brought home to see his mother. That night, his mother dreamed of her husband returning home. The next morning, she saw that Daoist Master returned with his father's body and was buried. At that time, everyone believed that Master Dao's finding of the father's bone was due to the sincere sense of filial piety.

Later, the mage preached in the middle of the DPRK, and he always held the position of chief. Like the Taoist Master ’s filial piety, she is hunger-depleted and her mother is hungry, and her father ’s bones are obtained by recitation of the scriptures. (From the biography of the monk)

Master Zong Dai reads Buddha and Tara

In the Song Dynasty, Master Chang Luzong Chan, a native of Xiangyang, Hubei, lost his father at an early age. His mother, Chen, took him to his uncle's house to raise him. When he was a boy, he read Confucian classics and Broadcom Code. Twenty-nine-year-old, suddenly realized the impermanence of life, determined to study Buddhism, Master Rituxu Lu Xiu became a monk, participated in the mysticism, and profoundly understood the essentials.

Thinking of the deep grace of the mother's upbringing, when the plan repaid, she greeted her in the abbot's east room of the temple and served it day and night. In addition to providing abundant material, she even more earnestly persuaded her to study Buddhism and study the Pure Land Method. After seven years, his mother was in In the sound of the Buddha, serenity is born west. The Zen master once wrote 120 chapters to persuade filial piety, the first 100 of which explained that material nourishment is filial piety in the world, and the last 20 essays explained that persuading parents to repair the earth is filial piety in the world, and to be born in the West The fruit of ascension should be filial piety. (Taken from the Holy Land of the Pure Land)

Gu Ting is blessed with sincerity

Gu Ting is a filial person. His father married a concubine, gave birth to two sons, and loved each other for ten minutes. Mr. Gu devoted himself to teaching and earned all his annual salary to his father.

In the spring of the Gengzi year, he was hired as a teacher of Zhang's family. On the day of his appointment, Zhang knew of Mr. Gu's filial piety and gave him a full year's salary at one time, and said to him; 'Today I send I do n’t know your father ’s money. Someone sells it here. You can buy this money. After the autumn harvest, you can get a few meters of rented rice. This is a good way to increase your income. Why bother to pay? What about my father! ”Gu State replied,“ My father is the parent of my family. My salary income should be allocated to my father in order to fulfill his responsibility as a son. How can I change my filial piety for the rent of a few meters of rice, and dare to deceive my father by using the money privately? '

Because of Mr Gu's filial example, his son has a good character. There is a son named Jiming, who was admitted to Jinshi in his youth and became Hanlin's official position. (From the ancient book of moral education)

Yang Xiaozi ascended to heaven after begging to die

Yang Xiaozi is from Qiaoqiao, Wujin County, Jiangsu Province. His parents lived in poverty and were frail and ill. He worked with mattresses all year round and suffered from bitter water. In addition to food and clothing, he also had to pay a lot of medical expenses. In such a difficult environment, Yang Xiaozi couldn't afford the lives of his parents. As a last resort, he had to brag as a beggar. Feed your begging food to your parents. If your parents have n’t eaten enough, even if you are hungry, you do n’t dare to eat first. You must wait until your parents are fully fed before eating. If you have wonderful precious food, kneel in front of your parents and dedicate it to your parents. Not only materially, the parents' food and clothing are satisfied, but also spiritually, the parents are entertained, but is located in the countryside, there is no theater or other entertainment places, Yang Xiaozi made up a lot of folk songs, singing in front of the parents , While dancing, won the laughter of both parents. After more than ten years, the local people were moved by Yang Xiaozi's filial piety. There was a wealthy household who wanted to hire Yang Xiaozi as a servant, but he did not accept it. He answered the rich householder and said, "My parents are sick all year round, and I'm sticking to the mattress. Every day, besides begging, I need to serve soup for my parents I ca n’t leave the family for a day, so I ca n’t come to your house as a domestic servant, I can only thank you for your kindness. 'Since then, he is still begging as before, and with a little spare money, he has extended medical treatment for his parents. Later, Yang Xiaozi's parents passed away one after another. He bought two coffins from his begging money and took off his clothes to make clothes. Although the weather was severe and he was naked, he didn't care. The body of his parents was buried in the fields, beside his grave, he cried day and night. After more than a month, he died of grief.

One day after Yang Xiaozi's death, a man named Xu Mingdao died in the country and was taken by ghosts to Hades, where he saw a gauntlet wearing a purple robe and reported to Hades: 'Yang Xiaozi has arrived. 'Pluto is welcome forward. Xu Daozhi took a closer look. It turned out that the people welcomed by Pluto were Yang Xiaozi, who had just died. At that time, I heard Pluto said to Yang Xiaozi: "Your long-lasting filial piety, a great kind person like you, our prefecture will not dare to frighten you. Now God has a command to call you to heaven. 'Xu Dao's reason was confirmed by the underworld officials that Yang Shou was not exhausted, and returned to Yang to wake up. After Xu Daozhi's resurrection, everybody told about the fact that he had heard Yang Xiaozi's ascension from the Pluto in Hades, so the local people knew that Yang Xiaozi was rewarded by the ascension after his death. (From the ancient book of moral education)

Zhu Shouchang repairs his mother

In the Song Dynasty, Zhu Shouchang was the son of Zhu Xi, the minister of the Ministry of Punishment. His mother, Liu, had a humble background. When Shouchang was seven years old, his father divorced his mother. Later, his mother remarried to the folk. After growing up, I often thought about my mother, but I did n’t know where her mother was, and I was sad because I could n’t meet. He resigned his official position and determined to find his mother. After a long journey, he had toiled through all his hardships, but still failed to meet his desire to find his mother.

He is a devout Buddhist who is convinced that the induction is not bad. He stabbed the blood of himself, wrote a piece of leech with blood, printed and distributed it for the benefit of the public, and kept chanting the leech day and night. Pray for inspiration from Buddha. Sure enough, Emperor Tian didn't bear the hardships. One day, he went to Tongzhou, Shaanxi, and suddenly met his mother. At that time, although his mother was blue and wrinkled, she still knew her appearance, but Shouchang was still seven years old. The child is now grown up, but his mother doesn't know him. Shou Chang kindly called: 'Mom! Mom!' And said loudly: 'I'm Shou Chang, I'm Shou Chang. 'His mother said aloud,' My son, I never dreamed of meeting you here. 'Mother and son haven't seen each other for more than 20 years. Once they met, they couldn't help but be surprised. They burst into tears, cried with headaches, and touched many pedestrians on the roadside. Zhu Shouchang welcomed his mother back home and dedicated himself to filial piety. Later, he took the official post of 'Si Nong Shao Qing', and his filial piety was even better. At that time, among the scholars, Zhu Shouchang's sense of filial piety was spread for a while. (Taken from Mengxi written conversation)

Wu Ershi's mother filial piety from lightning strikes

Wu Er, a poor man in Linchuan County, Jiangxi Province, served his mother, was extremely filial, and was able to win the mother's favor. One night, I dreamed that God said to him, "You have had evils in your past life. Tomorrow noon, you will be killed by lightning. 'Wu Er couldn't bear to leave his mother and asked God for help. God said: 'This is the number of days and there is no way to avoid it. 'Wu Er'an was terrified by the lightning strike, and the next morning, she prepared breakfast and said to her,' I have something to go out today. Please ask my mother to go to her sister's house temporarily. 'But his mother didn't allow it. After a while, the sky was full of clouds, the thunder was rumbling, and the lights were shining. Wu Er was more worried about his mother being frightened, and hurriedly closed the door.

After a while, the sky cleared, and Wu Er returned home without a lightning strike. After returning home, she carefully protected her mother and did not dare to tell the story in her dreams. The next night, God of Dreams said to him again, 'Your most filial piety, God has cast out the evils of previous lives. 'Later, Wu Er became more filial to his mother, and worked tirelessly for life. (From the ancient book of moral education)

Xu Tan gave his life to save his family

Xu Tan, a filial son of the Tang Dynasty, one day when he was ten years old, along with his father, he went into the mountains to collect medicine, and suddenly he jumped out of the middle of a beast, a big leopard, opened his mouth and held him. Father. In such a critical situation, Xu Tan, a young boy, was not panic. While he was full of strength, he shouted for help, raised his staff, and ran forward to chase the big leopard. Strange to say, the fierce leopard was unexpected and abandoned his father and fled. Xu Tan's father was able to escape from the dead.

The father and son, after suffering from false alarms, no longer wanted to take medicine, and walked home together. People from far and near have spread this rather legendary fact. Everyone thinks that Xu Tan's filial piety has subdued the beast. Otherwise, how could the fierce big leopard who can fierce his father, instead fear the ten-year-old child? This is obviously caused by the filial piety. Later, this beautiful talk of filial piety passed to the court. The emperor Tang Taizong heard the big wonder and said to the servants: 'Xu Tan is a small child who can give up his life and save his family, so he subdues the beast. The filial piety should be greatly appreciated. 'Later, the emperor granted him the official title of' Wen Lin Lang 'and enjoyed the honor. (Taken from the history induction system)

Sun Jin Xiaogan Tianqing

Sun Jin was the filial son of the Yuan Dynasty. Serving his father and stepmother, and doing his best to show sincere filial piety, was quite praised by the people at that time. After the death of his father, the coffin stopped at home for four years. He was extremely sad, undressed all day, and only ate gruel every day. When the funeral was about to be carried out, the hired boat carried the coffin to cross the river. It was in the fury and the waves were turbulent, but when the ship carrying the sailing ship was just sailing out, it was calm and smooth, as if traveling on flat ground. Everyone admired it. Filial Induction.

He served his stepmother Tang, just like his mother. One year, his stepmother gave birth to a big puppet on his chest, dripping pus and blood, moaning on the bed, and was extremely distressed. Driven by filial piety, he didn't feel the foul smell of pus and blood, sucked his stepmother's sore with his mouth, and spit the pus and blood on his skin with his tongue. After a few days, his stepmother Tang's puppet was healed. Tang also suffered from eye disease. At first, his eyes were red and swollen, his vision was blurred, and his treatment was delayed. The condition did not decrease, but he became worse day by day. In the end he went blind. He saw that his stepmother couldn't see everything in the world. It was so pitiful that he thought that he had healed his tongue with his stepmother. If he used the former method again, would there be hope for rejuvenation? Therefore, he was not afraid Dirty, not afraid of trouble, holding his stepmother's eyes with his tongue every day. One week, two weeks passed, but it did not work, but he was not discouraged, and continued to stare at the Tang family every day because he wanted to give his stepmother at least this way. The spiritual comfort lasted for two months. The eyes of the stepmother turned up again, and when they saw the sun again, the mother and the child were indescribably happy.

Later, the stepmother died of illness. When she was about to be buried, she suffered from heavy rain every day, so the funeral was blocked. He cried to the sky at night and prayed for the heavens to be clear. The next morning, the sky was bright and the sky was bright, and the funeral went smoothly. After the funeral, it rained again for several days. The sky was clear for a day, and it was clearly convenient for the filial son to bury his mother. From the deeds of Sun Jin's filial piety, it can be seen that filial piety is the answer to everything. It's incredible that it doesn't make sense. (Taken from the history induction system)

Huang Daoxian reduces life benefits

Huang Daoxian was a filial son in the Yuan Dynasty.

He lost his mother at an early age, thanks to his father's hard work in bringing him up. He deeply felt the kindness of the sea, so he served his father and did his utmost. Every morning and evening, he had to ask his father for his warmth, never slacking off. One year, his father suffered a very serious illness and called for treatment by famous doctors. However, not only did he not heal, but he was in danger day by day. He was conscious and unconscious. Huang Daoxian saw his father's symptoms of anxiety, anxious and anxious day and night. Fortunately, he has religious beliefs on a daily basis, remembering that the Guanyin Bodhisattva is a great compassion and compassion. He saves suffering and needs, and responds to requests. He burns incense and prays in front of the Guanyin Bodhisattva statue. As the saying goes, 'People have sincerity, and Buddha has induction. "When he finished praying, his father's sense of consciousness woke up, his whole body was in pain, and he felt relieved. Many famous doctors saw his father healed without medicine, and he was amazed. In the year of Yuan Dynasty, his father died of illness, and it really fits the number.

Although Daoxian voluntarily lost his life, he enjoyed a long life, and had a rich life. His children and grandchildren were full. At the end of his life, he had no pain and died peacefully. (Taken from Yuanshanyuan)

Wei mother Chen Wuzheng

Wei mother Chen Wuzhen is a granddaughter of Chen Qinxin, a poet from Chenzhou, Hunan, in the late Qing Dynasty, and grandson of Wei Mo, a great man of Shaoyang Buddhism. His son Wei Xixian, whose real name is Zhenan, is also a devout Buddhist. He once told his mother's filial piety that cut off his arms and healed his relatives.

When mother Wei was twelve years old, her father made a living far away, so she alone served her mother at home. One day late at night, her mother suddenly suffered from an acute illness and vomited blood. At this time, there was no man, mother and daughter in the family, panicked. When she was in critical condition, she resolutely cut off a piece of meat on her left arm and fry the soup for her mother. It is also strange that after her mother drank the soup, she vomited blood and stopped, and she turned to danger. At that time, in order to worry about her mother's heartache, she could not bear to eat it. She didn't tell her that it was a broth of broiled meat. She only said it was a medicinal sauce, and she didn't tell others. All were wearing long-sleeved clothes, and no one noticed the knife marks on her arm, so no one had known for decades, even her children.

Until 1928, this old Mrs. Wei, who had cut her arms to treat her relatives in her childhood, was already 73 years old. She became ill this winter. Her son was a resident, thinking of the age of his mother. Offering, unable to help, she vowed to pray for the mother's avenue of birth. On December 18, her left arm burned incense and asked her mother to pray for sanity. On the night of the 23rd of the same month, Mother Wei suddenly felt weak and weak, breathing weakly, and the whole family looked at her and chanted the Buddha in unison. On New Year's Eve that year, the first princes burned incense in the right arm and sent nine wishes to the mother. In the second year, on the night of the 15th day of the first month, in 1929, the sister of Wu Xianju, the ancestor of the predecessor, also burned incense for the left arm for three days, and on the morning of the 16th day of the first month, he burned the right arm for six hours. On the first day of the month, Xun first and two younger sisters, and then the three arms of the left arm, praying for the mother to be blessed. At this time, Wei mother Chen Wuzhen was very impressed when she saw the filial piety of her sons. So I called my children to the sickbed and said, "When I was twelve years old, I cut my arm to treat the sudden illness of your grandmother. At first, I had no hope that my children would be able to repay me in the future. I didn't think I was sick now. I burned so much arm incense and prayed for Fuli to be quilted. This should be the induction of my arm cut off in my childhood. 'After speaking, I opened the sleeves and exposed the left arm to the children. Everyone noticed that the old lady Wei's cut at the cutting site was about three inches long and about seven or eight points wide. Wept and moved. At the dawn of the sixth day of March, Wei mother went back with a smile in her hands while she was praying.

We saw that Mrs. Wei cut her arms and healed her in her childhood. She was determined to save her family, but she did n’t know her name. So no one knew it after sixty years. praise. But at the end of her life, the children were burning incense on their arms, so that their mothers got blessed blessings and got pure land. This was obviously the induction of her arms to treat her relatives in her childhood. The filial piety says: 'The filial piety comes to the gods. 'It's true. (Taken from Zhen'an Notes)

Huayi Fortune Telling Network reminds you: No matter whether you are lucky or bad, do n’t have to be happy or discouraged. Fortunately, good fortune is bad luck, bad luck is good luck in the past, and doing good things is the root of good luck. (Reprinted, please indicate from -Huayi.com: allblogsite.com)


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