What cause and effect lead to frail and ill

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Many people yearn for good health. Many people spend money on medicines, health products, and fitness tips. These are not useless, but methods to cure the symptoms but not the root causes. We saw that some people had never been to the hospital, hadn't taken any medicine, and hadn't watched him exercise or find any fitness methods. Some people try their best, but they are all sick. So where is the cause? What is the cause of the disease? Let ’s take a look at the Supreme Master ’s instruction:

What cause and effect lead to frail and ill

There are ten occupations. Can make all beings sick.

One is so happy to pat all sentient beings. Both advised him to order. The three praised the play. The four rejoiced when they saw each other.

There are ten types of jobs that can make people sick. The first is to like to slap and hurt all sentient beings. Encouraging, admiring, and persuading others to hurt and damage sentient beings. It is the cause of illness that affects such behavior.

Here's a point. Although the classics talk about flapping, it was because there were not many ways to damage sentient beings. No gunpowder, no gas bombs, no electromagnetic pulse bombs. Even the way of hunting is simple. So the slap here is not limited to hitting with your hands and feet. It means a method of damaging other sentient beings.

In addition, flapping is a means of injury. The purpose is to damage all sentient beings. Usually we pat people's shoulders, and other people give us massages.

The five upset their parents. Upset.

We need to pay attention to this. This is a factor that many people overlook or don't know. One of the causes of illness is our attitude towards parents. Deliberately try to find ways to bother and upset parents, making them sad and worried. It is also one of the reasons for our illness and unhealthy. For parents, let's not talk about the degree of filial piety first. First of all, don't worry about them, don't deliberately take piques, and keep them unhappy, which is the source of the disease itself.

The six were upset about the Holy Saint.

This is the same as before. For those who are virtuous, deliberately removing obstacles, troubles, and disturbances are the root cause of disease.

The seven saw grievances. Heart rejoicing. The eight saw their complaints healed. Unhappy.

It was a joy to see the enemies of their enemies sick. Seeing his illness healed. This is also the root cause of his own disease. This phenomenon often appears unconsciously in our hearts.

This person is at odds with me, and that person is not pleasing to my eyes, seeing that he is suffering from illness and suffering, and is happy in his heart. Even if we have learned the Buddha, this kind of thinking can easily come up. For example, "Look, have you been punished?" "Wait to hell!" Sometimes this situation is not manifested, but it is psychologically subtle.

To do this, you need to constantly observe your mentality and thoughts. See how you feel. This is what the "Leng Yan Jing" refers to as "taking the heart".

The nine are in the complaint. With non-curative drugs.

For their enemies and enemies, they are suffering from illness, deliberately giving non-treatment drugs, or persuading them to do medical treatment that is not good, or even deceiving them to do things that are harmful to health. All fall into this category. This is behavioral.

Ten do not need to hang out. And eat more.

I hope everyone will pay attention to this. Physical health is very important in relation to diet. Among the root causes of diseases, Shizun mentioned that our living habits are eating. It can be seen that it has a lot to do with the health of our body.

Many diseases are eaten. This point will be acknowledged by both Chinese and Western medicine. For meals, there are various health suggestions and various medical discussions. Different medical and dietetic experts have given a variety of programs. Not much here to remind everyone that the most effective and core purpose is the sentence that Zunzun said: "Stay without eating, but eat more.

In simple terms, it is that the last meal has not been digested, and then the meal is eaten. This is too much for modern people. In addition to three meals a day, afternoon tea and supper are also required. It takes at least three or four hours for a person's stomach to digest food, and if the food is greasy, the time will be longer. Coupled with the pressure of many people, they can't help eating enough to eat. This problem is even more serious. Seriously, what I ate the day before has not been digested yet. Eat today.

This situation is much more. Naturally, the gastrointestinal function weakens, and the foundations of the body begin to shake. The illness followed. You can see how your appetite was when you were a kid, children, that is, like bottomless pits, you can plug everything in, and you will be hungry after a while. But as we get older, our appetite is getting worse. You can pay attention to when a person's appetite begins to go downhill, then the body will gradually go downhill. If the person lives long and is in good health. Well, first of all, their appetite is better. A person is born with stomach, and dies without stomach. Many Chinese medicine practitioners hold this view. This is the clinical manifestation.

So what about eating? Reverse this sentence and wait until your meal is gone. To be clear, just eat when you are hungry. I'm still full. I haven't finished the last meal. Don't eat it next. And don't overeat. This will protect your stomach.

Speaking of which, what is the performance of eating more? Naturally it is a manifestation of greed. The "belly mass" of a person is limited. High-load operation will shorten the service life.

One of the factors is the precept of the world to respect lunch.

So ten jobs. More sick reports.

Because of these ten factors, we will make us more sick. So want less disease and health? Then we turn the ten above.

There are ten occupations. Can make all beings less sick. One does not like to pat all sentient beings. Both advised him not to play the three likes or not. The four see no one. Heart rejoices.

Do n’t hurt all beings, do n’t persuade others to hurt, do n’t see doing things like it, do n’t praise it.

Five support their parents and their patients. The six see Xian Sheng's disease and look at offerings.

Don't be upset with your parents and sages. When others are ill, you must take care of them. This is the cause of health.

The seven saw their complaints healed. Heart rejoices. Eight see the sick. Give good medicine. Also advise him. Nine are in sick beings. Be kind.

For the enemy of the enemy, healed health, do not be unhappy in heart, do not want to think that he is about to die. Seeing those who are suffering help and giving, they also persuade people to give. Compassion for sick and sentient beings cannot be rejoicing.

Ten are in the diet. Can self-saving. So ten jobs. There should be fewer medical reports.

Eating diet. Although this is a cliché, it is something that many people don't notice and don't do in life. It will be late when something goes wrong. Mo thinks he's young, it doesn't matter. Having a relationship is trouble.

From these ten things, you can get the results of less health and disease.

Huayi Fortune Telling Network reminds you: No matter whether you are lucky or bad, do n’t have to be happy or discouraged. Fortunately, good fortune is bad luck, bad luck is good luck in the past, and doing good things is the root of good luck. (Reprinted, please indicate from -Huayi.com: allblogsite.com)


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