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A detailed introduction to King Wen's gossip Fortune-telling <br /> Fortune-telling by the king of gossip, with the center of the circle in the same circle as the boundary, draw two equal yin and yang to represent the relationship between all things. Black fish is used for sun fish and white is used for sun fish. This is the representative method of day and night. Yangyu ’s head has a yin-eye, and Yinyu ’s head has a yin-eye, which means that everything is transforming and infiltrating each other. There is yang in yin, yang in yang, and yin and yang meet together. Representation of the law of the unity of contradictions and opposites.
The center of the circle can be divided into four parts as four elephants. The four images are the sun, the Taiyin, Shaoyang, and Shaoyin. The four elephants represent the east, west, and south of space, and the spring, summer, autumn, and winter of time. Any group of contradictions plus centers constitutes three talents. The ancient philosophy believed that the three talents of heaven, earth and man were three levels. On the basis of the theory of the four elephants, one more level was added, and the two aspects of Yangming and Jueyang were added.


If the four elephants add a circle center, they form the five elements: fire in the south, water in the north, wood in the east, gold in the west, and earth in the middle. Liuhe plus circle center is called Qixing. The four images are divided into two parts to form a gossip map. The congenital gossip directions are represented as: Gannan, Kunbei, Lidong, Kanxi, Northeast, Northeast, Southwest, and Northwest. The gossip plus the axis is called the Jiugong. The number of nine palaces is Gan Jiu, Kun Yi, Yi Er, Dui 4, Gen Liu, Zhen Ba, Li San, Kan Qi, and the center is 5.
Introduction to Zhou Yiwen's gossip fortune telling
Many people feel very mysterious when it comes to fortune-telling by the king of gossip. As for the mystery, few people can tell a little bit about it.
Gua who hangs too. It is a phenomenon that hangs before our eyes, so it is called a hexagram.
The hexagrams mentioned in the Book of Changes are phenomena in the universe that are visible to our naked eyes. There are eight basic macro phenomena in the universe, and everything, everything, and everything in the universe depend on these eight phenomena. And change, this is the origin of the gossip rule.
The phenomena of the universe that can be observed are grouped into eight categories and drawn as gossip. Isn't this superhuman wisdom? So gossip is the study of wisdom. When we see Kong Ming playing in the Beijing Opera, wearing a yin and yang gossip robe, it means a high degree of wisdom. Taiji is a circle with a yin and yang fish inside. The gossip is a regular octagon with each side There is a special symbol on it.
There are two reasons that prevent people from exploring and understanding the Taichi gossip chart: one is the mystical view that the truth of the Taiji gossip chart is unfathomable and not dare to ask for it; the other is the superstitious view that the Taiji gossip chart is fortune telling Superstitions must be strictly prohibited. According to legend, the figure of Taiji gossip was first created by the ancient sage Fuxi. In the "Book of Changes" of the "Five Classics", there are detailed records and explanations.
The ancients believed that: Wuji gave birth to Taiji, Taiji gave birth to Liangyi, Liangyi gave birth to four images, Sixiang gave birth to gossip, gossip born to sixty-four gossips, which is the basic theory of Tai polarization born to gossip. It originally belonged to the philosophical category and was simple materialism; however, some later scholars, far-fetched, Tu Yu predicted, propagated the fatalistic view of all things, and mixed Taichi gossip with idealistic content and smeared it. The color of superstition has lost its original scientific significance.
Wen Wang's gossip fortune telling self test
Operation method: Use one yuan (coin) and throw it into the air at will to see whether the national emblem faces up or literally faces down after landing. If the national emblem is facing upwards, it is impotence, draw a circle on the paper; if it is literally facing up, it is Yin Yin, draw a cross on the paper. This throws six times in a row, or draws a circle or fork six times from right to left, which is a hexagram. Corresponding to the following sixty-four hexagrams, it is enough to find "good luck, evil and good fortune".
1. Circles Circles: Circles for Qian. The sleepy dragon gets water.
[Dry] person, Jian Ye. Being strong and not being upright, the dragon gets water, and it ca n’t stretch in the drowsiness. Suddenly, it rains heavily, and thunders come up.
Said: All are happy, the Lord sees happiness, and no evil can be done, and everything goes smoothly.
Broken: Healthy and upright, adversity in a long time, immediately useful, good fortune rises.
2. Circle circle circle circle circle: For the hexagram. Yuyou from another country.
[姤] Those who meet also meet unexpectedly. Pedestrians are trapped outside for a long time. They have no relatives. Occasionally they meet friends and love each other. They are very proud. Meet friends, rest assured in the face of talks.
Said: When you meet friends in another country, you are happy and happy. You must know that luck is good.
Broken: The transaction is successful, the official affairs are reasonable, the loss can be found, and the joy of going out.
3, round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round. Dark clouds cover the sun.
[遁] Those who avoid, too. Can't escape, there is the phenomenon of thick clouds covering the sun, and the clouds losing power, like the sun at noon, the sky shines, and suddenly a thick cloud covers the light, and everything is unsuccessful.
Said: Nong Yun covered the sun, but he was persuaded to take a long journey. Marriage and wealth were not smooth. Beware of right and wrong.
Broken: bad order, difficult to see lost, trading partnership, everything is dull.
4, round and round and cross and cross and cross and cross and cross and cross and cross and cross and cross and cross and cross; Tiger fell into the deep pit.
[No], the stuff is also. Blocked. If the tiger fell into a deep pit, a tiger went down to find food. Unexpectedly, someone was dug into the deep pit, and the tiger went down.
Said: The hunter digs a deep pit, and a tiger has to go into the pit. If you don't watch out, you will be safe.
Broken: Lost is hard to find, transactions are uncertain, marriage is not beautiful, don't take it lightly.

Wen Wang's gossip teaches you how to tell fortunes. <br /> In the long history of China, the ancient and mysterious Yin Yang Five Elements doctrine has given birth to various methods of fortune telling, such as: The eight-character prediction method, the phase-seeking method, the Ziwei number method, the iron plate god algorithm, the Qimen sacrifice method, the Liuren method, the Taiyi method, the bone fortune telling method and so on. Among these many forecasting methods, the most popular among the folks, and the most widely forecasting methods are the eight-character forecasting method, the phase-seeking method, and the bone-fortune telling method. It can be said that these three forecasting methods are the main method of fortune telling in ancient China.
For thousands of years, it has attracted each of us with its unique and mysterious charm. The Chinese have a long tradition of hardship and hard work. Since ancient times, tens of millions of Chinese have quit their wives and begotten to cross the sea, seeking development in every corner of the world. Fortune telling has also spread to the world with the footsteps of our forefathers. It can be said that there is a mysterious culture of fortune-telling where Chinese people exist.
Eight-character doctrine is a method of estimating a person's life based on the one-way time axis of the year, month, day, hour, and minute of the person's birth.
Bone fortune telling is a concise algorithm based on Zhuge Liang (also known as Kong Ming) in the Three Kingdoms period based on Yi Jing and perpetual calendar.
Chinese fortune-telling has a long history and many schools. The factions of one faction are dozens of books, which makes me and other ordinary people dreadful. The discipline that Westerners call predictive science is similar to this, which is based on There are twelve choices to infer from the constellation, and the prediction method of the constellation has gradually been accepted by the Chinese people and has been gradually integrated into the Chinese people's life predictions.
The first step of Wen Wang's gossip fortune telling method:
Select an item to count from the table below:
Qingyu-11 Entering school-12 Studying-13 Requesting -14 Recruiting -15 Destiny-16 Seeking doctor-17 Exam-18
Relocating-21 Meetings-22 Planning-23 Parents' illness-24 Housing-25 Dividing-26 Disease-27 Smallpox-28
Seeking Wealth-31 Borrowing Money-32 Purchasing Animals-33 Opening Stores-34 Returning Home-35 Giving Accounts-36 Graves-37 Gambling Money-38
Autumn Harvest -41 Searching for a Hall -42 Praying for Child -43 Traveling -44 Fetching Fish -45 Night Dream -46 Into the Red -47 Tongue -48
Out of stock-51 See official-52 Spring silkworm-53 Jieliang-54 Qiu-55 Business-56 Document-57 Litigation-58
Promotion-61 Person Search-62 Supervisor-63 He Shi-64 Marriage-65 Pregnancy-66 Deal-67 Acquisition-68
Tiansan-71 Jiaxin-72 Purchasing Officer-73 Complaint-74 Buying-75 Seeking Officer-76 Following Officer-77 Seeking Servant-78
Lifetime-81 House-82 Partnership-83 Lost Property-84 Lost-85 Pedestrian-86 Craft-87 Interpreter-88
The second step:
You just need to report a number (0-999) casually (for example, the number is 389).
After finishing the calculation, please refer to the table of Wen Wangshen Numbers. The hexagram is a corresponding three-digit number.
If calculated by hand:
For example, look at Table 23 above, meaning that ten digits are 2 and single digits are 3
Determination of the hundreds digit:
For example, the number reported in the above example is 389, 389 divided by 8, the quotient is discarded by 48, the remainder is 5, the remainder is 5 (if the remainder is 0, it is 8), and the hundreds is 5.
Determination of the ten digits:
-> 1-> 6-> 7-> 4-> 5-> 3-> 8-> 2->
Starting from 2 (2 is the tens digit of the corresponding number of the "conspiracy" item determined in the table above, "23"), the number of digits is 5 clockwise, and the number of digits is 4.
Determination of single digits:
-> 1-> 6-> 7-> 4-> 5-> 3-> 8-> 2->
Starting from 3 (3 is the single digit of the corresponding number of the "conspiracy" item determined in the above table, "23" is the single digit number, the single digit is 6, and the note number is 546.
The third step: look up the table of Wen Wangshen
Lookup table No. 546 is:
Chapter 546: Gua Zhan's plan is so strange that the investment of money can be delivered.

Huayi Fortune Telling Network reminds you: No matter whether you are lucky or bad, do n’t have to be happy or discouraged. Fortunately, good fortune is bad luck, bad luck is good luck in the past, and doing good things is the root of good luck. (Reprinted, please indicate from -Huayi.com: allblogsite.com)


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