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Guanyin Spirit Signed Twentyth [Jiang Taigong Meets King Wen]


Signed Poem Version 1

When Chunjiu Yuxi and Qingyuyutu Jinwu gradually realized that the old thing had become a new thing, let's take a look at the jump

Signed Poem Version 2

When Chun Jiuyu likes to open the sunny jade rabbit Jinwu gradually understand the old things dissipate the new things, then take a look at the dragon

[Good luck] Win [House position] Tatsumiya

[Signature] This Gua Jiuyu early sunny image, everything is also intended.

[Solution] God, Buddha, and Fulfilled Life Without Disaster

[Fairy machine] This signed family house Zhongping, praying for himself, not seeking fortune, while the transaction is pending, the marriage is arbitrary, the Rokko woman, the silkworm and the six beasts, litigation, pedestrian resistance, late tracing, lost property, migration, disease, and disease. Grave old Kyrgyzstan.

【annotation】 After a long period of rain in spring finally came to rest, the moon and the sun gradually returned to light as the clouds and fog dispersed; the things you want to do will slowly reach your goal, and you will soon be able to jump into a new realm. The god of Buddha protects everything, and everything is true. This sign is long and sunny, everything is prosperous. This signator also. The long sunny rain. For everything is a sign. But this lucky sign. The cause must be planted early. There should be great interest afterwards. Juner is making friends. Pay attention. One must be selected as a noble. He will become the noble of the Prince. There will be a day of success. You will be able to attach it. In other words. Buddha God protects Pepsi without worry and wants to win the first thing in life. This sign has the meaning of "suffering forever". Encourage the parties to stay the course. Most people are always unfamiliar and afraid of unfamiliar things. It must be noted that successful people must have extraordinary perseverance and indomitable spirit. When we are envious of others' achievements, don't forget the hard work and effort behind them. Vulgar Cloud: "One rebirth, two rebirths". As long as you make up your mind in everything, you should stick to it. Through continuous exploration and experimentation, you can learn from mistakes and failures and accumulate experience. So don't be afraid of suffering, know that everything you do now may be related to the future.

【allusion】 Fengshenbang story. Jiang Taigong (Zi Ya) is almost eighty years old. At this time, he was fishing near the stomach water, waiting for the opportunity. Zhou Wenwang night dreamed of flying bears, and a sage appeared. He assisted in administering the country and sealed him as the prime minister. Later, King Zhou Wen won the world for more than 800 years, which was for the "Chou Dynasty".

【explain in detail】

Cool Moon Solution

Do everything

Spring was originally the beginning of business, but it was a somewhat annoying process, but now it has started to improve.

If it belongs to the unknown, it will become clear in the future.

If it is an interpersonal relationship, it will be determined in the future.

If the market is unknown, it will become clear in the future.

The rest and so on.

Love marriage

If you ask when your marriage has been so many years, and now the dawn is approaching, the beautiful ladies will meet and celebrate the marriage.

If you ask your favorite person to associate with each other?

Can the current contact person go one step further or marry him in front of him, be kind to be sweet, treat him kindly, and be happy in the world.

If love or marriage is facing breakups or troubles, ask for recovery or reconciliation

The dilemma has been for a long time, starting with the dispute between right and wrong, and finally clearing up the misunderstanding, you can see the recovery.

Job search, entrepreneurship

If you ask for a job in the spring to find a job, this is a good time to run around and achieve your goal.

If you ask about entrepreneurship and career prospects

If you ask questions about performance, after countless months, the profit and loss will be clear, and the profit will eventually be expected.

Examination contest, promotion campaign

For many years, I have been in a bitter camp, and now I am proud of my trials.

Investment and wealth management

For many years, there have been no good results. Now the haze is dispersed, and the profit is even better than before.


Doing business for business, hoping for business opportunities, and giving more money, is expected to be more favorable.

Real estate transactions

The long-awaited purchaser and buyer waited for many years, and some day a visitor came and concluded the transaction.

Cure health

The condition is confusing, the cause has been diagnosed for a long time, and the treatment is not satisfactory.

Conversion changes

The perplexity will pass, the prospects will gradually clear, and where to move, the direction will stand on its own.

Seek pregnancy

Looking forward to many years, expecting the interest of their children, now pregnancy is over and they can love their daughter in one fell swoop.


A long lawsuit hurts vitality, and reconciliation is more appropriate. The truth is gradually becoming clear, and both are relieved.

Find people

Where is the lost property? It takes a lot of effort to find it, and in the shadows, I am glad to see it.

Travel abroad

Traveling with great pains and excitement, may I ask whether it is easy to solve the problem and fly away.

Signing poem story one

◇ Gong Taigong meets King Wen

Zhou Dynasty. Jiang Shang, the word Ziya. Ji people (Donghai Xuzhou people). Daohao flying bear, his ancestors were sealed in Lu (place name) so he is also called Lu Wang.

To avoid the troubled times of King Shang Ye, live by the waters of the East China Sea, and fish in Yanxi (Wei Shui). The fishhook is straight, his heart is not about fishing, he wants to be the prime minister of the virtuous king.

King Zhou Wen heard that he was wise and hired him as a teacher. (At that time, he was eighty years old) Later King Zhou Wu defeated King Wu, destroyed the Shang Dynasty, and established the Zhou Dynasty. King Wu calls him his father. Seal his son Ding Gong as Qihou.

(The point of this story: Jiang Taigong, who has been waiting for fishing in Weishui, finally got out of trouble and was reused by King Wen.)

Signed poem story two

◇ Su Wuyuan Official State

At the time of Emperor Wu, Su Wu was the official of Lang. In the first year of the Tian Han Dynasty (100 years ago), he was ordered to serve as a ambassador to the Xiongnu and was detained. The Hun nobleman repeatedly threatened temptation to surrender; later he moved to the North Sea (now Baikal) to shepherd the sheep, threatening to have rams have sons before releasing him. Su Wu tried hard and stayed with the Huns for 19 years. During this period, Li Ling, a Han Dynasty military officer who surrendered the Huns, also repeatedly persuaded him to surrender, all of which were rejected by Su Wu.

When the Emperor Zhao emperor, the Xiongnu and Han were close to each other. Six years before the first year (81 years ago), Fang was released and returned to the Han Dynasty.

(The focus of this story: Su Wu, who has been trapped in the North Sea for a long time, has finally returned from the Huns and has a new official position.)

Case of master signing:

Case number one:

Things asked: pregnancy

Description: In the dilemma of the two jobs in the two places, it is difficult to choose. Is this sign to be natural and should not be forced?

Please help Mr. Guanyin to sign. The 20th sign of Guanyinling signed by the female.

Twentyth signing

When Chunjiu is happy and sunny

To the rabbit Jinwu gradually became clear

Old things dissipate new things

Take a look at Longmen

I am going to ask my baby if I can do it well? Please give pointers.

Master unveiled: Xie said that the gods and guardians held the disaster-free path to safety and returned to the end.

It means that there are gods like Goddess of Mercy to bless you. Although you will encounter some difficulties, it does not pose a danger. And it was safe all the way.

If you ask about your career, your career in the coming year can be said to be smooth sailing.

If it is marriage: when Chun Jiu Yu Xi Kai Qing is the flowering season in spring, I think you should be on a blind date now.

Case two:


Solve the 20 Guanyinling lottery, ask for money


When the spring long rains are happy, the jade rabbits and the golden clouds gradually become clear

Old things dissipate new things and then take a look at the dragon gate

Signed this Gua Jiuyu early Ming Xiangrui Sui Yi also

Unveiled the sign of the Buddha and Buddha to protect the disaster-free life

The person who applied for the visa said it will be fine next spring. I do n’t know if it was because of the money.

The senior netizens who will be able to cancel the signing will cancel the signing for me, thank you, I ask for money!

Sign off:

Guanyin Spirit Sign 20th Lot Overview

This Gua Jiuyu early sunny image, everything is also intended. This signed family house Zhongping, praying for himself, not seeking fortune, while the transaction is pending, the marriage is arbitrary, the Rokko woman, the silkworm and the six beasts, litigation, pedestrian resistance, late tracing, lost property, migration, disease, and disease. Grave old Kyrgyzstan. Shenfo Fu holds the aspirations of the disaster-free life and returns to the end.

Explanation: Wanting money is not a good time. Do n’t be anxious for money, wait for the time, and be cautious when you are in trouble. In short, signing is superstition, let it be!

Your career has a lot of financial pressure. You ’re troubled. In July, the lunar calendar is a bit of a happy event, you ’re rich, and you are running around, but in the end, your pockets are empty. You like food better, and you have trouble breaking your family.

Fortune has improved slightly in 2015, but you need to be cautious. The fortune in March is good. The real improvement will be in the later years.

Case three:

Seeking marriage?

My boyfriend wants to be separated, but he wants me to wait for him, but he can't give me deadlines and promises!

Could this sign tell me what the relationship is like and what should I do!

Master's answer: The meaning of broken mirrors and reunification, but the chances in the future are not great.

You do n’t need to check the sign to know that the feelings are nothing but tasteless for both of you.

So don't hope too much, just go if you have the right one.

Huayi Fortune Telling Network reminds you: No matter whether you are lucky or bad, do n’t have to be happy or discouraged. Fortunately, good fortune is bad luck, bad luck is good luck in the past, and doing good things is the root of good luck. (Reprinted, please indicate from -Huayi.com: allblogsite.com)


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