Goddess of Mercy 74

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Avalokitesvara No. 74 [Qin defeated three men]


Signed Poem Version 1
慵 Feiye Crane throws himself in a cage and wants Peng Xiao to fall into the north-south and east-west mixed obstacles.
Signed Poem Version 2
It seems that Fei Fei came from the cage to get the body, but it is difficult to come from the north and the south.
[Good luck] Signed the lot [House] The palace
[Signature] This hexagram hugs the tiger over the mountain, everything is dangerous and terrifying.
[Solution] Thrilling future with obstacles
[Fairy machine] This signing house for protection, beware of yourself, be cautious in seeking finances, stagnation in transactions, difficult marriage, scary in Rokko, pedestrian obstruction, five points of silkworm, six animals damaged, tracing people, loss of lawsuit, loss of property, illness Tiger sacrifice, migration guard, grave fierce.
[Explanation] Like a lazy and unruly crane bird throwing itself into the net, it was originally intended to soar into the sky, but unexpectedly it was deeply trapped; although the world is large, it is full of obstacles, which leads to weakness and regret. Don't enter, walk backwards, fate furiously, don't fight. This sign of wild cranes cast cages, pay attention to everything. This sign says to the disciples. The image of a wild crane throwing a cage. Since it means that the cager loses his freedom. Beware of the old. This life is also. People with obstacles from north to west and north to south. This body shivered. Hate infinity. It was a bad time. Keep everything. Be careful. Think twice before you act. In other words. You must not retreat into your life. This sign means "difficult to bear two tigers". The parties are advised to consider carefully. It is a good thing for people to have self-confidence and talent, but excessive sharpness and self-confidence will only make themselves more targets in the eyes of others. If you want to change the new environment, don't rush to show or brag about your ability. It is important to know that “peer-to-peer”, especially if you have a direct interest with others. Falling down in the dark, he suffers injustice. It's better to be cautious and restrained; keep a soft body and be low-key and cautious in everything. It is even more important to choose cooperation partners carefully, so as to avoid the dilemma of incompatibility.
[Allusions] The soldiers, also known as Wu Ziyu, were from the Chu Kingdom in the Spring and Autumn Period. His father and brother were important officials of the court. After they were killed by King Chu Ping, the soldiers and Prince Zijian's son won and fled in the night. At Zhaoguan, the officials who kept the customs had to catch them. The soldier and Sheng respectively walked out of the customs alone, hiding and worrying. Due to excessive anxiety, the soldier's hair turned white overnight. Out of danger, arrived in Wu.
【explain in detail】
The essence of this signature . dilemma. Definitely no doubt.
Qingliangyuejie doing everything <br /> Once engaged in this matter, this has fallen into a dilemma, which will make people regret for life. If you can quit midway, this is your best decision. If you can't withdraw, early disaster relief may relieve the bad situation.
If love marriage asks marriage when it will come <br /> If you want marriage, this is a self-trap. It is a distress and bondage. It is recommended to avoid peace.
If you ask the person you want to interact with
Whether he wants to pursue this is self-seeking distress, so you can dispel this thought!
If you ask the current person to go further or get married
Your love is unstable, and it is difficult to get along with each other.
If love and marriage are facing breakups and difficulties, ask for reconciliation or reconciliation. If you have broken up, in fact, this is the time to get rid of the bondage, and there is no need to recover.
In summary, those who seek this sign of love, if there is contact, should prevent love and suicide.
If you are looking for work or career prospects
If you look for workers, beware of the traps in the market, which can make people retreat.
If you ask about entrepreneurship and career prospects
This business is not easy to do, and there is a fear of large losses.
Examination contest promotion election if asked about the future of the exam or various competitions
Asked about the results of various trials, this trial actually caused people to fall into regret. If they are not involved, they should be prevented or withdrawn early.
If you ask for promotion, promotion
Does this promotion matter? Advise the king to dispel this idea, so as not to be distressed and unable to come out.
Investment and Financial Management <br /> This investment may cause people to become stuck, and it will not be possible to unlock it for a long time.
Business Business <br /> This business should not be done, it will make people lose money.
Real estate transactions
Can this real estate be bought and sold? If you buy this real estate, you will regret it for life. If it belongs to the seller, this will cause a lot of losses.
Cure health
Is it possible to cure this disease? Various therapies make people deeper and deeper, making the disease unhelpful. This disease is dangerous. If you are suffering from karma or infectious disease, please also repent to alleviate the suffering.
Conversion Change <br /> I don't want to change now. This change is not meritorious and will cause people to fall into another cage.
Seek pregnancy
I want to know if I can get pregnant. If I can't get pregnant, I will be safe.
If you ask a lawsuit, the result is extremely unfavorable, only torture and loss.
Find people
If the item is missing, you don't need to find it.
Travel abroad
If you want to travel a long distance, this is an extricable trap, which you can prevent by cancelling this trip.
Signing poem story one
◇ Qin defeated the three handsome men, Qin Mugong, and did not listen to the advice of his grandson and grandson. He sent troops to attack Zheng and fought with the Jin people (located between Luoning County and Shaanxi County, Henan Province, China).
The Jin army lured the Qin army into a dangerous valley, and the front road was blocked. Jin soldiers on both sides threw fire sulphur saltpeter, and Jin soldiers smashed in the back. The Qin army trampled on each other and suffered numerous injuries.
The three marshals were all captured.
Signed poem story two
◇ Han Fei entered Qin and was killed. King Qin wanted to attack neighboring South Korea. Han Wang sent his son Fei (Han Fei) to ask King Qin to retreat. As a result, Han Fei did not expect to become Qin King's heavy strategist.
Minister Qin Li Si, a classmate of Han Fei, sees that Han Fei is valued by King Qin and knows that he is inadequate in learning. On the one hand, he persuaded King Qin to make good use of Ke Qing (on the "Book of Zhuke" against Qin Wang's order to ward off guests), but jealous and Killed and voted for Qin Zhiqing Han Fei; while pretending to be friendly with Han Fei, he was also designed to put Han Fei in jail, and deliberately and accidentally left poison to Han Fei who was unable to die (in fact, Han Fei may be ordered to be released by King Qin ), So Han Fei committed suicide.
Case of master signing:
Case number one:
I broke up with my boyfriend on Monday because I couldn't bear it and I was disappointed. By Friday, my boyfriend had been redeeming and vowed to change.
Because the boyfriend is 40 years old, and the previous contradiction is also intensified because of his own personality. I am 28 years old and I feel that there is a generation gap between the two. So in the contradiction, one is because there is still nostalgia for this relationship, and I also want to forgive him. The second is that considering that he is already 40 years old, he can change long ago, and it is difficult to change things in his nature.
I couldn't make a decision. I drew a check and asked "Should I agree or deserve?" Looking forward to understanding.
Sorry, no points, otherwise add more points.
Master's solution: what it means to you: whether you agree or not depends on yourself. You are now arguing with yourself. One is speaking and the other is speaking. Only you can figure it out.
Personal suggestion: points, don't be naive to think that age is not a problem, height is not a gap, that is the thinking of little girls.
Case two:
A boy and I were dating online for about ten days. At first he liked me very much. He called me a lot every day. Later he said that his former girlfriend came back to find him. He said that he did not meet but wanted to know whether he was in love now. I just asked for the 71st sign. Do I have a future with him?
Master unsigned: Chen Gong fully agrees with his statement, you have good results, don't waste your time, the last thing you are injured is you.
Case three:
Recently, because of the unsatisfactory job, I want to transfer, I went to apply for a visa again today! (I asked for the upper or upper level several times before. I asked for the twentieth lot.) Today I asked the Bodhisattva if the leader I was looking for could help me transfer work. I gave the seventy-fourth lottery for the first time. Feeling that I didn't make it clear, I asked again, for the forty-fifth lot, I ask everyone, the first time in two times, the second time, the second time, and the second time, what do you mean? What is it, come to know! Don't tell if you don't know! Here I say thank you! Knowing the answer, add points!
Master's solution: The hint: You need to be calm and calm yourself. There is no absolute good job in the world. Any job will have aspects that make you unsatisfactory. This kind of unsatisfactory broad refers to leadership, colleagues, subordinates, ability, environment, nature, salary, location and so on. So what about your unhappiness in the areas mentioned above? Of course you understand it in your own heart.
Case four:
Qin defeated the three handsome men and asked him that his career has been bad for 15 years, and he has not worked hard enough! But this year's pressure is too great to lose, so beg for it! Guiqiu!
Master's solution: The trend is inevitable. If you want to solve it, you can only change it and take the road of transformation.

Huayi Fortune Telling Network reminds you: No matter whether you are lucky or bad, do n’t have to be happy or discouraged. Fortunately, good fortune is bad luck, bad luck is good luck in the past, and doing good things is the root of good luck. (Reprinted, please indicate from -Huayi.com: allblogsite.com)


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