Goddess of Mercy 84

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Guanyin Spirit Signed 84th [Zhuangzi Test Wife]


Signed Poem Version 1
I do n’t know where I am going to sleep in the green pine shadow after I am drunk due to my name
Signed Poetry Version II <br /> Because of the fate of the name, there is a fear of change in the Kyrgyzstan, and the drunk is drunk. I do n’t know where to go in the green pine shadow.
[Good luck] Signed [House] Wei Gong
[Signature] This hexagram cold fish from the water, everything can not be moved.
[Solution] Han Yu's lack of beauty in the water is worse than asking
Sacred meaning
The family house Pingji himself seeks for wealth and injustice, deals, marriages, sacrifice, marriage, solution, Liujia Shawang pedestrians have not arrived in the field, the silkworm, the six animal flats, the lawsuit has been changed, the old things have been lost, no disease has been repeated
Poem interpretation
Signed poem one <br /> Because of his name, do n’t agree with others, do n’t know where to go to sleep in Qingsong Ying after becoming busy drunk.
Signed Poetry II <br /> What about bereavement because of name (It is inconsistent to lose morality for the sake of fame.)
Do n’t be afraid of change. (I ’m afraid that good things are bad.)
Drunken whereabouts (blindness and whereabouts)
Dreams in the shadow of a green pine
[Immortal machine] This signing of the house Rokko Sawang, everything is unfavorable, the security is lifted.
[Note] Where can I get my identity because I lose my moral cultivation because of my name? If there is a mistake in my busy life, I will cause trouble. , The United States and the United States are shortcomings, if asked about the plot, how to end. The sign was bereavement because of its name, and everything was laborious. This signatories. Destroyed by name. Because of this. Those who are laborious and helpless. To grab one's fame and fortune. Lose its virtue. Insulted by the world. What is the accuser? The divine commandments are said. Don't become fierce when you are busy. This is goodwill. Unconsciously in words and deeds. Turn goodness into evil and lead to fierceness. In other words. King's life also. Han Yu's lack of water is inadequate if she asks how the plot ends. This sign means "wrong while busy". The parties are advised to exercise caution in all matters. In a busy or unconscious state, it is easy to say the wrong things and do the wrong things. It may not be malicious in itself, but the so-called "overwhelming water" is likely to hurt the other party. Therefore, you should always be cautious and pay attention to your words and actions. If you are persuading the other party, you should not speak bad words because you are too kind. Otherwise, it is not regrettable that the original good intentions deteriorated with the influence of emotions. On the other hand, don't be resentful and humiliate for ridicule and criticism of others. It should be noted that "do not want others, don't do it to others." Tolerance in everything can make things more beautiful.
[Allusion] Zhuangzi is a great thinker in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. One day, he was in a whim, and asked his wife if he would keep the festival for him after he died, or would he remarry? His wife naturally vowed. When Zhuangzi practiced Dao, he tried to testify his wife by scamming. In the hall, he transformed a beautiful man to mourn. He claimed to be a distant friend of Lao Zhuang. His wife was fascinated by his manners. At that time, the man fell to the ground and shouted heartache, saying that unless there is a 'human heart' to make soup and he can be cured, it will be dead, but it will be acceptable for three days. To take the heart of Zhuangzi in the coffin to save his lovers, the coffin was split and Zhuangzi jumped out. This ancient wonder.
The essence of this signature <br /> Mo is not morally deserving of reputation, and is not evil because of blindness.
【explain in detail】
Cool Moon Solution Everything
The situation is already difficult, but evil is created. This fear only worsens the future.
The purpose of this signing is to warn the world not to lose morality for the sake of profit and fame, so as not to make the fate darker. This sign is a signing note and a warning sign.
In summary, don't just do this. Everything requires rational thinking.
If a love marriage asks when marriage is coming, <br /> If you are seeking a marriage, don't disregard rational choices because you have no marriage for a while, so as to avoid unnecessary distress and loss.
If you ask the person you want to associate with <br /> Don't pursue it desperately because you like it momentarily, or because he is beautiful, or because he has money. Love requires rational thinking. If you are suitable as a couple, then you are the best choice. Therefore, you still need to think about this matter to decide whether to go forward or backward.
If you can ask the current person to go further or get married <br /> Don't wait to go further or get married because of the eagerness to get married, don't worry about losing yourself, and don't worry about losing him. Love requires mutual understanding, and also requires the two to get along and be able to get along. This is the marriage of choice. Therefore, the matter needs to continue to operate, rather than rushing to get married.
If love and marriage are facing breakups and difficulties, ask for reconciliation or relationship reconciliation. <br /> If love breaks up, do n’t need a companion because of loneliness, do n’t just break up, just focus on redemption. Love needs to find someone who blends in personality, but also needs to be in charge. If the conditions are not suitable, don't reluctantly recombine.
If you are looking for work or career prospects
If you are looking for a job, don't just find one just because you can't find it for a while. The work must be decent work, not to find illegal industries, so as not to cause regrets in the future.
If you ask about entrepreneurship and career prospects
If you run a business, you should not do illegal acts regardless of morality, or deceive consumers, or squeeze employees, etc., and operate in the right way.
Examination contest promotion If you ask about the future of the exam or various competitions <br /> Don't take part in various competitions regardless of your ability because you want to get fame and applause. This will be worth the loss.
If you ask for promotion, promotion
If you want to be promoted, you must evaluate your own weight, and if you have enough weight, go for it. If you have too much weight, do n’t torture yourself, it ’s easier to save yourself.
Investment and wealth management
If investing, don't blindly invest because you want to make money, regardless of market risks, so as not to cause losses.
If you do business, don't lose morality because of your interests. This business can only last for a long time if it can be upheld.
Real estate transactions <br /> If you want to buy or sell real estate, don't blindly buy or sell with others. When you think rationally about the need to buy or sell, you should do your buying and selling.
Treating health <br /> If you are treating a disease, don't ignore the side effects or risks in order to recover, and blindly treat, it will bring greater harm.
Change and Change <br /> Don't rush to change because things don't work right away. Think rationally about the necessity before making a decision.
Seeking Pregnancy and Children <br /> Don't want to have children because you have no children. When thinking about your own ability, whether you need to have children, whether you have the ability to raise, etc., you should think clearly before deciding whether to require pregnancy or not to cause regret.
Lawsuits <br /> Don't sue people because they have disputes with them or their interests have been damaged. Think long-term so as not to lose more than you pay.
Tracing people and things <br /> If you are looking for people or things, it may be lost because of drinking. But the lost property is unknown.
Traveling Abroad <br /> If you want to travel far, don't be vain, don't just want to go abroad just because everyone else is going abroad. When thinking about how much ability you have, whether it is necessary to do so, then decide whether to develop far away.
Signing poem story one
◇ Zhuangzi tried his wife, Zhuangzi, Zhou Dynasty, Zhuang Mingzhou, Zizixiu, Mengyi of Song Dynasty. In the Zhou Dynasty, he was a lacquer garden official.
One day, Zhuangzi met a woman on the mountain, crouched in front of the new grave, and desperately shook the fan, as if to dry the wet soil on the grave. Zhuangzi didn't understand her intentions and asked her. She represents that his husband was buried in the grave, and her husband was dying, and he would not remarry until the earth was dry on the grave. She couldn't wait, so she fanned the grave and let it dry quickly, in pursuit of the second spring.
Zhuangzi sighed at the thought of a woman who had such a ruthless love in the world. Then I thought, would my wife do the same? Suspicious, I want to test.
Zhuangzi's wife is named Tian, and the husband and wife are very affectionate on weekdays. In order to test his wife's loyalty, Zhuangzi decided to pretend to die.
I heard that Zhuangzi died of a sudden illness. Many people, including relatives and friends, came to pay homage. Among them, the grandson and grandson of the Chu Kingdom, handsome and handsome, had a lot of money. Ms. Tian couldn't bear the temptation, and fell in love with Wang Sun, and they got married just the next day.
That night, when the wine was hot, Wang Sun suddenly suffered a heart attack and died.
Ms. Tian was terrified and panicked, and asked Wang Sun what was good. Wang Sun held back the pain and told Ms. Tian that it was necessary to use the brain of the dead body to get back to life.
Where can I find the dead body? Ms. Tian thought for a while, wasn't her husband just dead? Tian had forgotten his former husband and wife's affection, and took the axe, split his husband's coffin, and prepared to take out his brain for medicine.
Unexpectedly, the coffin was opened, and Zhuangzi was resurrected. Ms. Tian felt ashamed of herself and died of herself.
(This story illustrates that for the benefit of selfishness, it cannot be agreed.)
Signed Poem Story Ⅱ Li Guang Liling Night Hunting Li Guang defeated the Huns and was demoted to a civilian by the Emperor Hanwu. He lived in a secluded life. A day when he met with friends, he went out to Liling for hunting.
After returning to the city after shooting, the gate was closed.
Li Guang said, "Open the gate!"
The guardian asked, "Who is the visitor?"
Li Guang reported: "I am the former General Li (therefore General Li)!"
The official laughed, "Even the current general can't pass, let alone the old general?" Li Guang, who was humiliated, had to sleep one night outside the city and enter the city the next day.
Later, Li Guang was re-used by Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty, and the officials who guarded the gate were called to kill him.
(This story states that the communiqué cannot be agreed on because of personal grievances. Because of small penalties, it cannot be agreed on. Bullies cannot be agreed on.)
Case of master signing:
Case number one:
Recently, my health has been bad, so I went to the temple and asked for an intuitive sound signing 84th sign. I want to ask what the sign means? Which friends can cancel the signing? Thank you very much!
Master untied: This one is a signed one, I suggest you go to the hospital to check it, after all, your body is still your own. The draw is for reference only.
Case two:
Two people talked about graduating from junior high school, but so far they haven't met their parents, and they haven't confirmed their relationship. I want to ask if the boy is the one who accompanies himself to the last? Is there hope for marriage? Or is it a fruitless love?
Master untied: The best thing for the two is to ask face to face. If they are suitable, they should ask themselves, and ask their own inner answers. They cannot be decided by a single sign.
Case three:
I want to ask this visa whether I am suitable for work? Working at home has not improved, and there are no signs of getting rich. Now I want to go outside to make a day, but I am worried that it is the same outside.
Master's visa cancellation: Probably you have encountered difficulties working in your local area, which cannot be resolved for a while. If you go to a foreign country, I am afraid that the consequences will be more serious.
Case four:
I am about to graduate internship and plan to go to a company for an interview. I need to go abroad for 4 years. I have an English interview, and I have passed 6 in English. But I do n’t speak English very well. Ask me if this can be done. The master can sign off: If you really want to go abroad, you can go abroad when you have full skills. If you go abroad only for that company, it is best to hone and develop in the country, not only one company can develop, right?

Huayi Fortune Telling Network reminds you: No matter whether you are lucky or bad, do n’t have to be happy or discouraged. Fortunately, good fortune is bad luck, bad luck is good luck in the past, and doing good things is the root of good luck. (Reprinted, please indicate from -Huayi.com: allblogsite.com)


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