Goddess of Mercy No. 90

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Guanyin Spirit Signed No. 90 [Wei Pei Yu Xian]


Signed Poem Version 1 <br /> Suddenly, a letter is sent to the world. The baby boat is full.
Signed Poem Version 2
Suddenly a letter to the Tianfei Taishan baby is full of boats, if the road is a good thing, there are still noble people pushing
Interpretation of poems, signing poems, signing poems, 2 overall interpretations <br /> Hu Chao, a letter to the world, Hu Yan, a letter to the sky, there is good news from the sky, the baby boat is fully loaded and returned to Taishan. The boat is full of babies. If you ask the future to get the bottom line, if you ask the road to make a good thing.
Always deserve the noble person to advance in advance, there is still noble person's push: tone [chí].
[Good luck] Signed up [Palace] Kuniya
[Signature] This Gua Gongming achievement image, all matters into Daji also.
[Solution] If there is a noble person in front of his name, he will add joy and wealth.
[Immortal machine] This is a sign of good luck in the house, please be smooth.
[Explanation] Unexpected good news comes from the sky, as if the ship is full of treasures. If you want to ask about the final development of things in the future, you will still get the help of nobles. If you want to ask for the name of a fame, your noble person will have a better luck and wealth. This sign of achievement is a sign of achievement, and everything goes well. This signatories. Signs of achievement and fame. Everything comes into play. Juner's luck today. Suddenly when Chaoxin believes in the world. When the baby boat is fully loaded and returned. If asked about the future in the gods. Junzhi Jin also. Always deserve your mention. Everything is real. Smooth progress. The upper one. In other words. Junru today. If you want to ask the meritorious person, you will increase the wealth and prosperity of Fuqing. This sign means "getting to the hearts of the people". Remind the parties to treat each other with sincerity. In a society where people cooperate with each other, they cannot rely solely on individuals to fight alone, but also rely on the talents of others. When we are very enthusiastic about someone's talent and thirsty for it, we want to use every means to obtain it. But sometimes the more talented and intelligent a person is, the harder it is to be moved by worldly vanity. Instead of exhausting everything at this time, it is better to start with "sincerity". "Sincerity" comes from its own heart and cannot be modified with any foreign objects. Its influence is slow but it can be deeply rooted. Treat people with sincerity in everything, I believe the other party will also be moved. Although Ronghua Fugui can seduce one's desire for material needs, "sincerity" can melt everything outside and firmly hold everyone's heart.
[Allusions] Wei Dan, a native of the Tang Dynasty, had not passed the imperial examination in his forties. One day, I took a donkey to Luoyang Zhongqiao, and saw the fisherman sell a pair of big salamanders, put them on the bridge, exhaled and panted, and was about to die. Seeing his pitifulness, and having no money on his body, he had to exchange for a donkey, and then put him in the water and walked away. After one Mr. Fortune Teller, he deserves to be introduced to an old man, with an eyebrow and a brave face. He is 7 feet long and meets Wei Dan and worships him, calling him a life-saving benefactor. The old man treated Wei Dan diligently, and took out a document from his arms, saying that it was copied from the gate of Tianfu. arrangement. Farewell a few days later, and loaned another fifty thousand wen to Wei Dan. Later, everything was fulfilled. Wei Dan was so proud of the wind that he added officers and entered a total of seventeen posts. It is said that the old man is the incarnation of the dragon in the sky. Hedong Ji.
The essence of this check
If a fish gets water, it can reach up. If the fish get water, there is a solution.
【explain in detail】
Cool Moon Solution Everything <br /> One day, there was a great news. If you want this good news to come true, you still need a "military division" to help you.
This matter is important to you, but it seems that your own ability is not enough, so you need the help of a noble person, or you need to ask the "Military Division" to give you opinions. If you can, then it will be like a fish, and things will go smoothly. Expand and reach your ideal.
If love marriage asks when marriage comes
If you are currently single and want to have a marriage, you still need a matchmaker to introduce it for you to have a good marriage.
If you ask the person you want to interact with <br /> If you want to follow him, you need to have a "military division", otherwise you ca n’t catch up or mess things up.
If you ask if the current person can go further or get married , it ’s been a while since the other person mentioned the idea of wanting to get married. This is great news. However, to achieve this marriage, you still need the help of noble people. I suggest finding a matchmaker to talk about this for you. This is also a good marriage.
If love and marriage are facing breakups and difficulties, ask for reconciliation or relationship reconciliation. <br /> If love has broken up, if you want to recover, then you still need a matchmaker to reunite for you.
Job search
If you can't find a job, you need someone to introduce you to the job.
Asking about the future of work <br /> If you want to work more smoothly or perform well, then you need the care of your people.
If you ask about the future of your business <br /> If you want to make this business more prosperous, then you need to have a "consultant" to explain your business direction or improve ideas for you.
If you want to start a business, <br /> If you want to start a business, then you won't say anything. You must find an experienced person to provide your experience and direction so that you can get things done.
Exam Competition Promotion If you ask about the future of the exam or various competitions <br /> If you want to stand out in this exam, then you need the help of "experts" to provide your experience and channels.
If you ask about the promotion and promotion career <br /> If you want to get promoted, then find an "expensive person" to say good things from it. This is an essential process.
Investment and Finance <br /> If you want to benefit from investing, you do n’t have enough experience, so you need a staff to guide you. If you can, you can succeed successfully.
If you want to flourish in business, get a business consultant to talk about.
Real estate transactions
If you want to complete the real estate transaction smoothly, then let the intermediary company do it for you!
If you want to know whether to buy or sell well, then talk to an experienced person and you will know what to do.
Cure for health <br /> If you want to cure this disease, then there is nothing to say. This is something that "excellent" will explain for you.
If you are a chronically ill person, then you can only treat it with practice.
If you have a karma, there is nothing else but to start with repentance.
Change and change <br /> Things don't go smoothly and you want to change. Find a senior to evaluate for you. People are always fans of the authorities, so it is very constructive to talk to a senior.
Seeking pregnancy and seeking children <br /> If you want to get pregnant, this requires a method, and may need to ask someone with experience.
Lawsuits <br /> If you ask a lawsuit, find a good defense lawyer to win a lawsuit.
Finding People and Objects <br /> If you ask someone who lost something, the news of the object comes from you.
Travel abroad
If you want to study abroad, even if the future prospects are good, you still need the guidance of military divisions.
Signing poem story one
◇ Wei Pei Yu Xian (Wei Pei Yu Xian)
The poor scholar Wei Pei is nearly forty years old. As he led the donkey across Luoyang Bridge, a fisherman on the bridge was about to kill his grandmother to sell it. But lacking money, he replaced the donkey he was carrying, under the bridge Release. Since then, Wei Pei has been lifted, and the officer has been promoted.
(This story describes this sign with the concept of "Dasao was rescued when he met Wei Pei". Wei Pei was brilliant because of this "Dasao".)
Signing Poem Story Ⅱ Liu Xianzhu is like a fish and Liu Bei visits the cottage to get help from Kong Ming. The two often talk about it. Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, and others find it very strange. In the end, there are so many things to talk about. Liu Bei replied that with the help of Kong Ming It's very happy that the fish gets water.
Case of master signing:
Case number one:
My wife has been pregnant for seven months. I went to the hospital recently to check for some problems, but the doctor did not say that she would not be born or that she would not be allowed to give birth. Please ask the expert to give this child a favor or not.
Signing off: It depends on whether the two of you want the child, if you want the child to be healthy and healthy, and worry-free. Just let your wife be vegetarian [Vegan], saying that nutrition will be bad, and it won't. I've seen many pregnant women eat vegan, and the children they give birth are innocent.
Case two:
Mostly because I was asked to take the civil service exam at home, but I didn't want to take the exam myself, so I was thinking about changing a company and faced a career change. Now that I have found a company, I haven't figured out whether to continue to work in this profession.
Signing off: Don't be reluctant to do your job now, it's time to move forward. If you go forward you will meet a noble person and someone will help you.
Case three:
I got a Guanyinling sign 90th in the temple. After understanding it for a long time, I still do n’t understand what it means. So I would like to ask a friend who can unsign it to tell me what the 90th sign of Guanyinling sign means. I mainly come to ask for a future. I do n’t know if it ’s okay, what ’s the omen? Quite confused.
Signing off: mainly for the help of noble people, and eventually achieved fame.
Case four:
I recently met an object. He is in good condition and his family likes it. But I don't like it, and I rarely chat with him and occasionally date him. And he didn't care for me. I want to know the meaning of this sign. I'm not too young, and I'm afraid I can't find anyone. I don't want to talk to him, but I'm afraid I won't find it later. I am very bored now. Ask for advice.
Signing off: If you don't like to feel wronged, after all, the person who lives with you for the rest of your life is your other half, so you need to be careful on this issue.

Huayi Fortune Telling Network reminds you: No matter whether you are lucky or bad, do n’t have to be happy or discouraged. Fortunately, good fortune is bad luck, bad luck is good luck in the past, and doing good things is the root of good luck. (Reprinted, please indicate from -Huayi.com: allblogsite.com)


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