Goddess of Mercy 91

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Guanyin Spirit Signed 91st [Three Battles Lu Bu]


Signed Poem Version 1
I have to open my eyebrows and use my talents. I recommend a road in the future.
Signed Poetry Version II <br /> I am so gloomy, come out, change my future
Interpretation of poems, signing poems, signing poems, 2 overall interpretations <br /> So you have to start to frown, you must be confident, you must have confidence in yourself, you can use it, and you can recommend your future. The road is as smooth as a road, the road is broad, and the future has a broad avenue to walk. Wherever there is a good cause, there is nothing to do with money.
[Good luck] Signed up [Palace] Kuniya
[Signature] The future of this hexagram is a sign of luck, and everything goes well with Thailand and Thailand.
[Solution] A big road can go forward. In the heart, things can only go forward.
[Xianji] This signing house is everything, and Jichang goes smoothly.
[Explanation] Please expand your deep-brow brows, there will be great recommendations in the future; the broad avenue in front is flat like an open palm, everything can be fulfilled as long as you put it into practice! In order to use things in your heart, you should only move forward. This sign has a promising future, and everything is good for everything. This sign is a sign that the future has a smooth road. Seeing auspicious people in everything they do. A smooth journey can go forward. What you need to do in your heart doesn't have to look ahead. Going forward, everything goes well. Successful Jichang. Walk on top. While arrogant to the Nether. Don't forget where you are today. All are supported by the nobles. In other words. There must be room. In case of rugged downhill. This sign means "fully prepared". Remind the parties that everything should not be dragged. In life, we will face many new opportunities or major decisions from time to time, especially when the situation is urgent and time-sensitive, people often hesitate or become unaware of unpredictable results later. it is good. At this point, remember to be calm, carefully consider the current environment and situation, analyze the advantages and disadvantages of your own, and then make the right decision. If you drag your feet and hesitate, you may miss out. Always be prepared to avoid congestion in case of unexpected situations.
[Allusions] Lu Bu is so brave and recognizes Dong Zhuo as his father. Dong Zhuo ordered Lu Bu to lead the 30,000 army, staying in Hu'aoguan, and prepared to face Cao Cao and Liu Bei's army. Lu Bu led the battle. First, Zhang Fei and Lu Bu fought. Regardless of victory or defeat, Guan Gong met. Then he joined and attacked left and right. Liu Bei also joined the assist from the side. When Lu Bu couldn't win, Pegasus fled to the pass, and Liu Guanzhang and the three men chased after him. This was the famous 'Three British Battle Lu Bu'. Lu Bu later turned to Cao Cao and was killed by Cao Cao in Baimenlou.
【explain in detail】
Refreshing the moon and doing everything <br /> You don't have to frown, because your future is a bright future, as long as you have something to do, you can be praised and successful.
If Love and Marriage Ask Marriage
At present, you are single and do not have to frown, you will have a smooth and beautiful marriage waiting for you in the future.
If you ask the person you want to interact with
If you meet the one you want to pursue, this is a good target, and you can develop a beautiful relationship.
If you can ask the current partner if you can go further or get married <br /> If you have been dating for a while, then you can go on your way to marriage. This is a godsend.
If love and marriage are facing breakups and difficulties, ask for reconciliation or relationship reconciliation. <br /> If love breaks up, such a broad path of love, you should be able to recover. Please give more tolerance and care.
If you ask for a job
If you look for a worker, even if you can't find a job for a while, as long as you keep up the effort, you will definitely find a satisfactory job. This job will give you a lot of room for future development.
If you ask about job operation at the current stage, it will be a bit frustrating at work. In fact, you will have a lot of room to play in the future. As long as you continue to work hard on the status quo, the future is also a career master.
If you ask about the future of entrepreneurship and career <br /> In the early stages, you may go through a cold period, but do n’t be discouraged. Although you continue to move forward, your career will be brilliant in the future.
If you want to ask questions about the prospects of the test or various competitions , you must have confidence in yourself. As long as you go all out, you should be on the list.
If you ask about promotion and career promotion <br /> Will this promotion be profitable? You don't seem to feel confident. In fact, you are a potential person. As long as you make a list, you know.
Investment and wealth management
Can this investment be done? This investment is a very promising investment, as long as it takes time, it will naturally add value.
Business <br /> What's the future of this business? It may seem faint at the moment, but if you continue to do it for a long time, this is a promising business.
Real estate transactions <br /> Can this real estate be bought? This is also a promising investment and a worthwhile investment.
Curative Health <br /> Can the disease recover? The disease does not seem to be optimistic at the moment, but things are not so serious. Although it does not recover in time, it does not worsen. If you are chronically ill, it is recommended to practice as your best treatment.
Change and change <br /> If you want to change for a while, you don't need to rush to change, it is just now. Play well in place, and it will be loud in the future.
Asking for a pregnancy <br /> If you ask a pregnant person, the current situation is slightly unfavorable for pregnancy, but in the near future, you can still get pregnant successfully. Please raise your body first, and By doing good, you will be able to give birth to men and women as you wish in the future.
Lawsuits <br /> This lawsuit is currently worrying, but continuing the lawsuit can turn things around.
Finding People and Objects <br /> If you want to find this lost thing, you may have to pay a little money for a reward, and the item will return.
Traveling abroad for a long time <br /> This remote development feels worrying. In fact, things are not so serious. If this matter is to be promising, it must have substantial business activities. As long as you pay more, the future prospects are promising. .
The poem signing story one : Three English battles Lu Bu explained: Three heroes Zhang Fei, Guan Yu, Liu Bei and Lu Bu Dong Zhuo learned that Hua Xiong was beheaded, and then sent General Lu Bu to fight. As soon as Lu Bu went into battle, he even slashed generals Fang Yue and Mu Shun, and killed Wu Anguo and Gongsun Yu.
When Zhang Fei saw that Gongsun could not beat Lu Bu, he quickly took over from Gongsun. He shouted, "The three surnames are off! Yanfei Zhang Fei is here!"
After seeing Guan Yu, he attacked Lu Bu with Zhang Fei and fought for more than 30 rounds.
Liu Bei also carried the two swords and immediately helped Zhang Fei and Guan Yu.
In this regard, three people around Lu Bu kept killing, and the eight people were stunned.
Soon, Lu Bu began to run out of energy and Lu Bu Pegasus retreated, but the three chased Lu Bu not willing to retreat until they met Lu Bu's soldiers and horses.
"Three Kingdoms"
(This story shows that Lu Bu's heroic warfare, one person can reach three.)
Signing a Poem Story Ⅱ Zong Pu breaks the waves. After Zong Pu's uncle asks his ambitions, Zong Min replied, "I'd like to break through the waves by the wind."
Zong Ye's elder brother invaded during the wedding. When everyone was in a panic, Zong Ye went alone to fight back the robbers. Later, they joined forces to fight back the robbers. In the future, Zong Xi fought many victories, and was named the Poyang Hou by Emperor Xiaowu of the Southern Song Dynasty, realizing his great ambitions at an early age.
Case of master signing:
Case number one:
I broke up with my boyfriend. My heart is painful. Yesterday I asked for the Guanyin Spirit Voucher. The question I asked was whether my boyfriend and I could reunite. The signature is as follows: I am so gloomy and come to change my future. A road like sky is wide, where there is money to spare, please master to help me with my visa.
Netizens answer: This signed solution said: Everything is like heart, Jichang goes smoothly. If you break up like a break up, you will find a better boyfriend after signing. If you don't break up, the road will be accessible afterwards. This is a crossroads. It's up to you to decide.
Case two:
I met him at the end of 2008 and spent a few months together at the beginning of 2009. In the middle of the year, I split up. In fact, I liked him very much. Both parents also agreed. ), His mother also called me several times and asked us to be together, but he thought that I was incompatible with him, and he said that it was a feeling to like someone, he did n’t feel to me, not long ago, his mother He called me and he also called. He said that I still had a fate with him and made an appointment to meet Mid-Autumn Festival, but then I did n’t play a small temper, and I could have met on National Day, but it ruined me. Now We are separated again, maybe the fate is gone? (This is the reason for asking for a visa). But I regret it. I think he doesn't care about me and doesn't value me, so he will play a temper. I hope I can recombine with him, but I can't do anything because I give him the impression. Very bad.
Netizens answer: Most of your emotional problems (in fact, no big problems) are in your personality. If you want to get a satisfactory solution, you must rely on the joint efforts of both parties. . Start by changing yourself (be gentle and proactive), do n’t ask too much for everything, relax the standards a little, do n’t worry, in communication, try to communicate with each other and understand each other, so that you can slowly open the crux of the problem Click, there will be good news soon.
Case three:
Guanyin Ling signed 91st for academic studies. There will be an exam tomorrow. The preparation is not very good, and my heart is nervous. Thank you very much.
Netizens answer: Don't be nervous about the exam tomorrow, keep the normal state of mind, don't make mistakes, continue to prepare for the exam. As the saying goes: When you go to battle, you will be happy. Today, during the day and at night, we still have to review it, grasp the key points, and review it in conjunction with the teacher's explanation. Don't stay up at night, rest well, and prepare for tomorrow's exam! Blessed by the spirit, I hope you must get good grades and lay a solid foundation for future studies!
Case four:
I am going to resign and change the environment after a while. I currently have a good foreign company. I would like to go there. I can decide whether it will be successful in mid-May. I have obtained a 91st sign. How is the development beneficial to future career development?
By the way, I also want to ask the master, can I successfully enter this company in mid-May, I have only 50% confidence. I very much want to work in this company.
Netizens answer: I think it is a good career. If you change it, there is a road ahead waiting for you, which will bring you money. Should be fine.

Huayi Fortune Telling Network reminds you: No matter whether you are lucky or bad, do n’t have to be happy or discouraged. Fortunately, good fortune is bad luck, bad luck is good luck in the past, and doing good things is the root of good luck. (Reprinted, please indicate from -Huayi.com: allblogsite.com)


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