Goddess of Mercy sign 92

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Guanyin Spirit Signed 92nd [Cai Qing Bao En]


Signed Poetry Version 1 <br /> Business is profitable, blessing is blessed, and Ronghua is more profitable. If you ask to enter and look for a show, you won
Signed Poetry Version 2 <br /> Set up money for business appointments since childhood
Interpretation of poems, signing poems, signing poems, 2 overall interpretations <br /> Profit from doing business, saying that you are planning for business appointments since you were young I want all kinds of blessings to be very rich
[Good luck] Signed up [Palace] Kuniya
[Signature] This hexagram has been a symbol of business since childhood, and is diligent and frugal in everything.
[Xie Yue] From childhood to age without hindrance, no obstacle to the success of the scheme
[Xianji] This home is safe and secure, you can make a fortune, make a fortune, make a deal, win a marriage, get a male in Rokko, move a pedestrian, half-caught silkworm, six beasts, find people, win a lawsuit, move in favor, migrate, and lose your property. Illness is good, mountain grave is good.
[Notes] When you make a profit from business, you are naturally open to heart, not to mention that the wealth and prosperity are multiplied; if you want to ask for more officials, you will eventually be the champion, and you will return home. From a young age to a big one, there is no harm to everything, everything is good, and hope is free. This sign is a sign of good fortune. This signatories. Get into the good luck of the elephant too. Everything is easy to worry about. Clouds of spiritual poetry. Profit from doing business is heartfelt. Fu Lu Nian too. Ronghua times get money. Jun Ru asked the face of hope. God can tell the prince. Will be able to return to the champion Yi Yijin in one fell swoop. In other words. You have been a child since you were young. Since childhood, there has been nothing to prevent everything. Then look at Yay. This sign means "stubborn choice". Remind the parties to believe everything. The biggest pain for people is to have doubts about human nature. Because everything is suspicious, the ego's heart has begun to build a high wall, worried about being cheated, used, and injured. However, guarding others everywhere, the result of excessive care and speculation in everything, will not only help you, but will only make you more and more nervous; and when you respond to others' distrust, others will also return to you . Rather than inflicting greater pain because of doubt, it is better to be tolerant and believe in everything. It is not so complicated, it is the human heart that makes it complicated. Maintain a childlike heart, believe that human nature is good, treat others with sincerity, be tolerant, and where life is not free.
[Allusion] Not long after Cai Yan got married, she said goodbye to his wife Zhao Wu Niang, went to Beijing to take an exam, and Wu Niang worked hard at home, suffering hardships and suffering, and was fortunate to have Zhang Guangcai, a kind person. Later, Cai Xuan was awarded the top prize, became an officer, and married Niu Yixiang's daughter, Miss Niu. The five mothers had gone through hardships. Shangjing met Cai Yi, the couple reunited, and went back home with Miss Niu to scan the grave. Zhang Guangcai in return for his end. 'Qing' is the nickname of the ancient emperor's seal. The legendary story of Pipa in the Ming Dynasty.
【explain in detail】
Cool Moon Solution Everything
This sign means that your current aspirations are actually not bad. If you want to change your life path, you can also go higher and higher.
Love and Marriage
If you already have an object, in fact, the condition of this object is not bad, and the relationship is OK, this is also a worthy partner. However, if you feel unsatisfied, inappropriate, or have difficulty, and you want to find a new partner, the new target in the future can get better with each other and go straight to the road of marriage.
If we ask when marriage will come
There is no problem with your marriage, and you will meet very lucky people in the future.
If you ask the person you want to interact with <br /> If you find the person you want, this is a good choice, and it is worth your continued contact with him.
If you ask the current partner if you can go further or get married <br /> If the two parties have been talking about marriage for a long time, this is a good target and a very good combination. Then move on!
If love and marriage are facing breakups and difficulties, ask for reconciliation or relationship reconciliation. <br /> If love breaks up, whether you want to recover or not is up to you. If it is restored, the relationship will be better. If you break up without redemption, you will have a good relationship with this new partner when you find new people. Then you can be happy. If you marry a former object, this is better in terms of money. If you marry the new subject, this will be a big blessing in Guanlu.
Job application
In terms of work, this is the job you like, but if you don't feel good enough, and you need to change jobs or change departments, it can be better to change again.
Ask about the future of entrepreneurship and business <br /> Under the long-term management, this business can be done well and the financial resources are flowing. In the future, the operation of the runway can be changed, or the operation can be expanded, or the content of the business can be changed.
Examination contest promotion election If you ask about the exam or the future of various competitions, you will go through a lot of competitions, and you have performed well. In the future, you can participate in various competitions every year, and you can get better and better, and you will have the chance to win gold medals later.
If you are asked about promotion, career promotion <br /> If you are asked about promotion, you are a very good one in Guan Lu's fate. Previous promotions are often profitable, and in future promotions, they often have a share.
Investment and Finance <br /> If you ask about investment, investment in the past has always been very good, and in the future, you can make a lot of money.
Doing business <br /> Doing business is your business, and you have made a lot of money in the past. Of course, if you continue to do business, it is of course no harm. If you want to abandon business and politics, you can go up step by step.
Real estate transactions <br /> If you ask to sell real estate, the real estate market is very good, buyers are enthusiastic. It's okay if you sell it. If you want to sell later, the price seems better. Just don't wait until the price drops before selling.
Cure for health <br /> Nourishment requires a method, and past recuperation is okay. If we want breakthrough development in the future, we need to find new ways to recuperate. Cultivation is a new way of healing for you to break through the bottleneck. As long as you remove the inner garbage (distress), the disease will recover quickly.
Change of change <br /> For a business that is currently underway, I want to change the runway. The future of this transformation is also bright. Able to step up in the ranks and official positions.
Praying for Pregnancy <br /> I have a child and want to know the future of fertility. In the future, you will have more face and be able to have a son.
Lawsuits <br /> If we ask the future of the lawsuit, the progress in the first paragraph is quite good. If we change some directions in the future, we can achieve a more stable victory.
Finding people and finding things <br /> The process of finding lost items is smooth and can be retrieved as scheduled.
Traveling abroad for a long time <br /> It is a good plan to seek development from afar. This can be done better in the future.
Signing Poem Story 1
Cai Yi, Zi Boyi, Chen Liuyi (now Qixian, Henan). He is a scholar and the husband of Zhao Wuniang. Five years ago, the court was recruited from the Yellow List, and the county recommended him to Beijing to take the test, and since then, he has no news.
Cai Bozheng was able to deal with it in the first year after his departure. He had some savings in his family and his life was still sustainable.
In the second year, Chen Liu suffered a severe drought, and he relied on Zhao Wu Niang Dian to sell jewellery to survive the famine; Cai Bozhen had no news, making his family even more worried.
The drought lasted three years during this period. Zhang Guangcai, a neighbour in the township, helped her from time to time.
Later, Cai Bozheng won the champion and went home to learn that his wife was helped by Zhang Guang. The couple went to the Zhang family to thank him and donated two silvers to Zhang Guangcai.
Signed Poem Story II ◇ Li Guyan Liu Zhiran Yi Li Guyan was born in the village of Fengxiang in the Tang Dynasty. No one recommended it, so I went to the Beijing test and lived with my cousin Liu. Brothers of the Liu family often laughed at him and said that he didn't understand the matter. They thought that there was no reason why they could not pass the test, and waited to hear the news of his frustration. They also secretly wrote a note saying "There is a house to rent here" and posted it on Li Guyan's turban.
Li Guyan didn't know anything about him, and everyone he laughed at when he went out.
Xu Mengrong was a right attendant (official name) at that time. He was a powerless official and was not valued. The clerk was called Marten's feet and had no strength to speak for young people. Li Guyan wanted to ask his own articles for advice and discuss with the Liu brothers. Brother Liu's took him to Xu Mengrong's residence and let him see him. Xu Meng Rongxun said, "I'm an idle officer and I can't help you. But, I remember your thoughts." I saw the note on Li Guyan's headscarf and knew he was loyal.
Before Li Guyan came before, he had walked from under an ancient willow and suddenly heard a finger pop inside the willow tree. Li Guyan was shocked and asked what was it? It said, "I am the nine gods of the willow god, and I have dyed your clothes with willow juice. If you get a blue robe (official uniform), you should worship me with jujube cake."
The next year Xu Mengrong became the examiner, taking Li Guyan as the champion.
Case of master signing:
Case number one:
I asked for the 92nd sign of the Guanyin Spirit in the Millennium, and I asked if I could break up with the ex-boyfriend Bodhisattva to help me get him back. After asking for a visa in the temple, the signatory explained it to me, and she said that she would return, and would return soon. But it's been more than 4 months since he broke up, and it's been a month to apply for a visa. He hasn't returned yet. I'm very anxious and scared. I hope God can help me see it.
Netizens answer: Fate is the most feared, and always turns a blind eye to affection; feelings are the most painful, unforgettable and affectionate. It is not inactive; people will be tired after taking an initiative for a long time; it is not that they do not move, and one's heart cannot be moved.
Case two:
Guanyin Ling signed No. 92 and asked about his marriage. At present, he doesn't see any signs of getting married. Female, born in March 1990, asks senior people for advice.
I know the specific signing, but I will not connect this story with myself. I don't seem to see any hope. Looking forward to reply. Thank you.
Netizens answer: Love needs to work hard by itself. If you are always waiting, your love will be farther and farther away from you.
Case three:
Seeking the same marriage sign twice in 2 years, Guanyin Ling sign 92 sign! Solve! Thank you!
The little girl is unmarried. I do n’t know how my future marriage will be. I don't know what I should do now. I am asking if I can marry someone I like?
Netizen's answer: This signing is a signing up. As long as you treat it with care, there will be good results.
Case four:
On June 7, 2016, I obtained a 92-sign on the Internet. This 28-year-old woman is married. She asked when she would become pregnant and whether she could get pregnant in the near future.
Netizens answer: Children need two people to work hard. When preparing for pregnancy, they need to pay attention to diet and listen to the doctor's advice.

Huayi Fortune Telling Network reminds you: No matter whether you are lucky or bad, do n’t have to be happy or discouraged. Fortunately, good fortune is bad luck, bad luck is good luck in the past, and doing good things is the root of good luck. (Reprinted, please indicate from -Huayi.com: allblogsite.com)


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