Kwan Yin Ling 93rd

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Guanyin Spirit Signed 93rd [Gao Junbao Recruited]


Signed Poem Version 1 <br /> 鸾 Phoenix 鸾 drizzle drooping at this moment should be lightly deceived by the birds, Yun Xiao 朝 one day still teach Zhenyu
Signed Poetry Version II <br /> Xi Fengxiang was drizzling at the time, but he was stunned by the birds and taught that one day Yun Kaiyuan still returned to the whole coat
Interpretation of poems, signed poems, signed poems, two poems as a whole <br /> /> Feng 翎 drizzle drooping 鸾 Feng Xiang drizzle dripping This description has been wronged. It must have been bullied by villains.
At this time should be lightly deceived by the bird but was deceived by the bird at that time. The sky was clear and the clouds disappeared.
I still teach Zhen Yuyi and I still return the whole feather to you.
[Good luck] Winning the lottery [House] Kuniya
[Signature] This hexagram phoenix is like the rain, when everything is great, too.
[Solution] The villain Risheng gentleman Mo Wei should only act in his own way
[Fairy machine] This home is not profitable, beware of yourself, begging for financial resistance, while the transaction is pending, marriage is delayed, Rokko is not good, pedestrians stay connected, silkworms are late, six animals are damaged, people are difficult to find, litigation is lost, migration is old, lost Fierce, sick delay, mountain grave reform.
[Note] The feathers on the Phoenix were wet and dangled by the rain. At the same time, they have to bear the birds slowly and slowly. When the sky is clear and bright, one day they will eventually spread their wings and fly again, and they will still be king among the birds. The villain is flourishing, gentleman Mowei, temporarily guarding himself, prosperous. This sign does not use the image of a gentleman. This sign says to the disciples. The image of a gentleman is not used. Where difficult beforehand. Sensitive to work. The winner of the auspicious also. Junru's eyes were killed. People are in poverty. I'm so patient. Qiang laughed. Do not be impatient. Steve sang on all sides. Both traps. In other words. The villain is right when the gentleman Mo is temporarily defending himself. This sign means "the evil is overwhelming." Means parties, stay calm. Many phenomena are short-lived and superficial, so don't get discouraged. Especially when the villain is in the way, don't mess with the square, let alone follow the flow. Why not stand up for the ridicule of others. Hold fast to what your conscience thinks is right, and do what's inside. On the surface, it may be a strong smile, but I still keep my self-knowledge in my heart. I believe that everything I do is supposed to be like this, I am not sorry for myself, and I am not sorry for anyone.
[Allusion] Gao Junbao is Gao Junbao, the son of Gao Dehuai in the Song Dynasty. Song Taizu Zhao Kuangyin was trapped in the Southern Tang Dynasty. Gao Jun transported food to the rescue. He passed Shuangsuo Mountain and was hijacked by female king Liu Jinding to force him to marry. The Story of Song Taizu's Expedition to the Southern Tang Dynasty.
The essence of this signature <br /> Return me innocence. Back to the old days.
【explain in detail】
Cool Moon Solution Everything <br /> This sign means that you are feeling down and dejected now. Because the current thing is going to be excluded or bullied by others in the beginning. However, as long as you do yourself well, you don't have to pay too much attention to others' attitudes towards you, stick to your post, and avoid confrontation or dispute with others. After that, everyone can naturally get used to you, and therefore restore your original style.
If a love marriage asks when the marriage will come <br /> If a single person asks the future of marriage. At the beginning of the development of love, you will be despised or excluded, but as long as you maintain your own style and maintain your image, you will be rewarded and loved in the future.
If you ask about the development of your favorite object <br /> If you currently have your favorite object, you may be excluded or hit or misunderstood when you pursue it. However, as long as you continue, you will eventually be able to return to your role.
If you ask the current person to go further or get married <br /> If you have been dating for a period of time, you want to marry, but in the process, it may be the other person ’s family or who has a contempt and rejection of you When this grievance is faced, as long as you stick to your manners, show your strengths, and build friendly relationships with people, this problem can naturally be resolved.
If love and marriage are facing breakups and difficulties, ask for reconciliation or relationship reconciliation. <br /> If love is stranded, or breaks up, or a third party intervenes, or is pushed away by the other party, or who is destroyed, who are the wronged plights, As long as you stick to your duty and do yourself well, you don't have to confront or argue with anyone for a moment of frustration, and show your own grace and advantages. This love can naturally return to your original status.
If you ask for a job in the job search and entrepreneurship career <br /> If you find a worker, this will be aggrieved or bullied in the job search process, but as long as you stick to your manners and show your strengths, you will naturally get a good job.
If you ask about job luck <br /> In this job, you may encounter grievances or helplessness or hard work or being bullied. This may be the cause of others. I can return your status.
If you ask about entrepreneurship and career prospects <br /> At the beginning of the business, this business will be crowded out and treated unfriendlyly by others, but as long as you uphold the spirit and the spirit of the enterprise, future careers will naturally develop smoothly.
If you want to ask about the future of the test or various competitions in the promotion of the test contest, you can ask all kinds of contestants. During this competition, there will be unfair treatment, which is unfair to you. However, as long as you persist, don't be discouraged, and control the spirit of competition, then you can still return to the original position in the future.
If you are asked about promotion, career promotion <br /> If you are asked about promotion, in this promotion, you will be excluded, and you will be on the list. However, as long as you stick to your position and do yourself a good job, in the future promotion, it is naturally you.
Investment and wealth management <br /> If you ask investors, in the initial situation, they may lose money or lock in, and after a period of time, they will return to the state of profit. It is suggested that deferred investment can be beneficial.
This business was not optimistic at the beginning. It can not compete with the competition in the same industry, but as long as you stick to the spirit of doing business and do your part with integrity, the future is bright.
Real estate transactions
The sale of this premises was not rewarded by the buyer at first, so no one asked. But as long as the day passes, the premises show his value, and some buyers are willing to buy.
If you ask buyers, this premises is currently underestimated, so the price is low, but in the future it can add value and play a profit effect, so it is worth buying.
Treatment and health <br /> If you ask the patient, the previous treatment was unjust. You need to change the therapy or doctor before you get the correct diagnosis and treatment, and you are back to recovery.
Conversion Change <br /> I want to request a change. Maybe you have been aggrieved or hard in your current position. In fact, this dilemma can still be overcome. Continue to operate in the original position and still return to your original position.
Praying for Pregnancy <br /> I want to get pregnant. There is currently grievance and rudeness for not having children. But in the future, you can still have children successfully and return to your status. Please more Do good deeds to create a better future.
Lawsuits <br /> This lawsuit is currently being suppressed and bullied. However, as long as you maintain your demeanor, this will still return you innocence or be compensated in the future.
Finding People and Objects <br /> Can this lost property be recovered? The lost property may already be in possession.
Travel abroad <br /> If you ask a foreigner, when you first arrive in a new environment, you will be despised or bullied or excluded. As long as you do yourself well, they will get used to your existence in the future.
Signing poem story one
◇ Gao Junbao recruited pro-early Song dynasties, Zhao Kuangyin unified the North, the world surrendered, but the South Tang and Li Yu entangled Jiangnan, and adopted the strategy of consecrating the city and conquering the city. Zhao Kuangyin and his wife, the Golden Gun Boy Gao Junbao went out of Beijing to pass the Shoushou Mountain and smashed the Zhaofu card established by Liu Jinding. The two contested. As a result, Liu Jinding served Gao Junbao with his superb martial arts. Jin Ye Yin Ling booked for life. Zhao Kuangyin asked Gao Junbao to rescue the trapped Zhao Kuangyue from Shouzhou. He passed the Shuangsuo Mountain and smashed the recruiter card set by Liu Jinding. The two played against each other. As a result, Liu Jinding served Gao Junbao with his superb martial arts and was forced to force him. marriage. The couple led the crowd into the siege and rescued Zhao Kuangyin.
(This story illustrates that the two did not reconcile (be bullied), and later returned to reconciliation.)
Signing a Poem Story Ⅱ Gong Weixian gave Crane Chengxuan in the early spring and autumn, Wei Gong liked to raise cranes, so everyone went up the mountain to catch the crane to please Wei Gong. The grandpa Wei, who loves cranes like crazy, also let these cranes sit in a cart and give General Feng He. As a result, the enemy in the north took the opportunity to commit crimes, but the people hid in the mountains and did not want to resist the enemy.
Grandpa Wei asked the Minister why this was the case. The Minister said that the King did not want to train soldiers to keep the cranes alone, and that the Cranes also had official titles, even called General Cranes. Therefore, the people were unwilling to fight for the Kings. .
After listening to him, he regretted it. Although he released all the cranes and recruited some soldiers, the whole army was wiped out under the leadership of Wei Wei's parents, and Wei was perished.
(Wei Gonggong was originally very good with cranes, but the enemies came to invade, and they were not at peace with cranes. This story shows the opposite mood to the original flavor of the signed poem, which is another trend of this sign.)
Case of master signing:
Case number one:
Guanyin Ling signed No. 93 for a career. I was asking if I could find a good job by looking for a job the day after tomorrow.
Netizens answer: Finding a job requires examination of opportunities and experience. If you have rich work experience, you will definitely find a good job.
Case two:
I am a female, and my life is unfavorable. I don't know if there will be any changes in the future. No, you should not hope that you can have too good luck, at least don't leave. I hope that some masters can answer my doubts.
Netizen's answer: The post indicates that your situation is not expected to change significantly in the short term, but it will not continue to deteriorate, which means that your current situation is expected to continue for a period of time, and the speed of improvement is relatively slow. In this case, you must learn to be strong and brave, and improve your ability to a greater extent. When you can really adapt to the situation, the future will naturally be bright. Bless you, come on!
Case three:
Recently I have been upset about the problem of finding a job after graduation, and I did encounter too many unpleasant things before. Although the direction is basically clear now, we still have to wait for concrete implementation, so my mind is quite confused. Seeking Guanyinling sign 93, signing is not too understandable, begging for guidance.
Netizens answer: Because you graduated from school and entered the society, everything around you has changed, so you are confused. At this time, I suggest you find a job that you are interested in and work with, and work hard to accumulate experience.
Case four:
At noon the day before yesterday, I dreamed that an ambiguous girl was upset before she separated from her boyfriend. Because she had made a wish in front of the Bodhisattva and said that she hoped to return to her boyfriend, she asked for a sign about the relationship between the Bodhisattva and his marriage. I obtained the number ninety-third sign. My understanding is that the Bodhisattva wants me to wait patiently, and eventually I will achieve my wish. I do n’t know if I understand it correctly.
Netizen's answer: Maybe you are too worried and unsure of your feelings. I suggest you let go of your heart. If you love him, use actions to prove it.

Huayi Fortune Telling Network reminds you: No matter whether you are lucky or bad, do n’t have to be happy or discouraged. Fortunately, good fortune is bad luck, bad luck is good luck in the past, and doing good things is the root of good luck. (Reprinted, please indicate from -Huayi.com: allblogsite.com)


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