Goddess of Mercy No. 96

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Kwan Yin Spirit Sign 96th [Dou Yanshan Jishan]


Signed Poem Version 1 <br /> The towering pagoda is unusual and exquisitely lighted to persuade Ru Zhixin to be diligent and to worship Tianlong to support Qianxiang
Signed Poetry Version II <br /> The towering pagoda is unusually exquisite and exuberantly exhorted to persuade the prince to be diligent and to do good deeds, and to descend to heaven
Interpretation of poems and signing of poems and interpretation of poems and two overall interpretations <br /> Towering pagodas are unusual Towering pagodas are unusual You have been unusual recently, because you are about to start.
Exercising in all directions Exercising in all directions Persuading Ru Zhixin to attend the ceremony and persuading Jun to dedicate himself to worship the god of heaven, so that the patron saint will bless you a little more, so that things can succeed successfully.
Tianlong supports the descending of Qianxiang as a good Cangtian and descending of Fuxiang Tianlong: It means the eight parts of Tianlong, the abbreviation of eight kinds of guardian deities.
[Good luck] Signed up [Palace] Kuniya
[Signature] The appearance of this Gua Fude, everything is great.
[Xie Yue] These blessings are seen by everyone
[Fairy machine] This signed home makes a wish, makes a promise for himself, seeks for good fortune, trades good luck, marriage is good, Liujiaxi, pedestrians move, land silkworm is stable, six animals are unprofitable, seeker encounters, litigation and peace, migration Illness star, mountain grave flat.
[Explanation] The tall pagoda is unusual, crystal clear and carefully carved around it; I urge you to pray sincerely and worship. Everyone is here, and sincerely, Ford is here. This sign is a sign of Ford's appearance, and everything is for good. This signatories. The appearance of Ford also appears. Whoever profit from Pepsi camp. Before Jun. This pagoda is a towering tower. It shines on all sides. I want gentlemanship and courtesy. Denon. This auspicious beast. Ascend to heaven for the king and lord. In other words. Everyone in Fukuda is now available with sincerity. This sign has the meaning of "final success". Encourage the parties to begin and end in everything. Everyone wants to be a day of prosperity and prosperity, but don't forget the principle of "three minutes are doomed, seven minutes depend on hard work". Since there are ideals and dreams, we must rely on ourselves and strive to make them come true. Instead of praying to God, the so-called "God Helper" translates wishes into practical actions. As long as you are willing to do everything, willing to fight, willing to fight, keep a brave, aggressive attitude, and perseverance, there will be a day of success.
[Allusion] Dou Yujun, also known as Yanshan, lived in Yanshan during the Song Dynasty. In the beginning, Yanshan was unrighteous and had bad mental skills. He devoted himself to doing harm to the law. By the age of thirty, he had no children. One night, he dreamed that his father advised him to repent Doing good can save God's will. From then on, Yanshan changed his former life and regained his life. Later, he gave birth to five sons, who all achieved good results due to strict discipline. The couplet posted by him at home is as follows: For the good, change: For the good, do not change, as long as the ancestors die, do as much as possible; For the evil, do not diminish: For the evil does not diminish, the ancestors' virtue, morality, diminish. The Story of Quande.
The essence of this signature <br /> The light of Ford is auspicious.
【explain in detail】
Cool Moon Solution Everything
Because of the goodness accumulated in the past good works and the blessing of the gods, everything I ask can be done. If there is a seeker, he can make a wish to the gods to help them. In addition, if you have been doing good for many years, God will help you secretly. If there are few people who usually do good deeds, do good deeds now. As long as those who do good deeds often get help from God in the dark. Also remember that if you have done good, don't do wicked things, so as not to damage your own ford.
Love marriage
If you ask a marriage mate, as long as you diligently worship the gods, then the patron saint will bless you and make you do what you want.
Job Search and Entrepreneurship <br /> If you want to have a successful career, as long as you worship the god God sincerely, that day God will let you work smoothly and have a developed career.
Examination contest, promotion, election
If you are participating in various contests, or want to participate in promotion selection, as long as you worship the god sincerely, that day, God will help you secretly, let you pass the moment when it matters.
Investment and Finance <br /> If you want to be in this respect, as long as you worship the god sincerely, you can get dark help.
Cure health
If you want to get the disease under control, as long as you worship the god in good faith, the god will heal you in secret.
Changing and changing <br /> If you have n’t been able to change recently, you do n’t have to rush to change. Just ask God for help, and the dilemma will be resolved.
Praying for Pregnancy <br /> If you want to conceive, then sincerely pray to the god of God, that day God can help in secret.
Lawsuits <br /> If you want a lawsuit to return to innocence, then you must worship God with sincerity, and you can get help in the dark.
Finding People and Objects <br /> If you want to find your lost things, ask God for directions and you will find them.
Travel abroad <br /> If you want to travel far, you can ask for patron saint's blessing, and you will be safe when you travel far.
The same goes for those who want to develop well in the distance.
Signed Poem Story 1 ◇ Fenyang King Qixi meets Tiansun. Explanation: Guo Ziyi met the weaver on the day of Qixi. Tiansun, the granddaughter of the Jade Emperor, is the Seven Fairies.
Guo Ziyi (697-781), also known as Guo Linggong, was from Zheng County, Huazhou (now Hua County, Shaanxi), and a general in the Tang Dynasty. The imperial court instrument was King Fenyang.
According to legend, Ziyi was originally from Huazhou and joined the army outside Sierra Leone. As he entered Beijing to urge the army to return to Yinzhou, it was exactly the day of the Star Festival, the wind and sand moved dark, and the sun was dark. In the empty house, I stayed on the floor. When I was sleeping, I suddenly saw that the left and right sides were red, and I stood up and looked up in surprise. There was a cloud in the sky, and there was a beautiful woman sitting inside. Ziyi worshiped and wished: "Today is July 7th. I think it is the weaver girl who comes, and I wish you longevity and riches."
The woman also replied, "Big riches also live a long life."
After speaking, Xia Guang was revived, Yun Xun was rising, and the woman was still looking down at Guo Ziyi, her smile was stunned, and the smoke was blurred until it was high and low.
Later it was fulfilled, as the woman said. Zi Yi Gong covers the world, is a man of honor, is the general of Ford.
Signed Poem Story II ◇ Dou Yanshan Jishan Dou Yujun, who was born in Youzhou (now Jixian, Tianjin) in the Jin Dynasty after the fifth generation. Because Youzhou belongs to Yan, he was named Yanshan.
Dou Yanshan was born in a wealthy family and is a well-known local wealthy household. It is said that Dou Yanshan is not good. Dou Yanshan is not good. He uses the potential to suppress poverty. When a poor person borrows food from his family, he is a small bucket out, a big bucket out, a small scale out, a large scale out, concealing and deceiving. When the poor oppressed by poverty, when some poor people borrowed his family's food, he went out small, entered large, entered small scales, entered large scales, concealed secretly, and acted rashly. Because of his lack of morals, he was 30 years old and had no children. Because of his lack of morals, he was forty years old and had no children.
Dou Yanshan was also anxious for this. One night he dreamed. His dead father said to him, "You have a bad mentality, you have a bad heart, and you are notorious. If you do n’t change the past, you will not only have no son in your life, but also Short-lived. You must quickly change from being good and accumulating good morals. Only in this way can you restore the will of heaven and return to prosperity. "
From then on, Dou Yanshan made a secret determination to change the former, and never did anything wrong. From then on, Dou Yanshan made a secret determination to change the former, and never did anything wrong.
Dou Yanshan also set up a private school at home, and asked teachers to teach. Dou Yanshan also set up a private school at home, and asked teachers to teach. Some people, because they do n’t have the money to send their children to a private school, take the initiative to pick up the children without tuition. In some families, because they did not have the money to send their children to a private school to study, he took the children by himself and waived tuition.
In short, since then, Dou Yanshan seems to have changed people. He is poor, self-denying, convenient to travel, and has accumulated a lot of ethics, and has been widely praised. In short, since then, Dou Yanshan seems to have changed people. Zhou Ji is poor, self-interested, easy to travel, and accumulated great morals, and has been widely praised.
Since Dou Yanshan has changed the former, the evil has gone from the aftermath. Five sons in a row, Dou Yi, Dou Yi, Dou Kan, Dou Yi, Dou Yi, and have successively entered the department. The waiter Feng Dao presented the poem: "Yanshan Dou Shilang, the godson has a righteousness, the spiritual pile is old, and the dangui is five branches."
Case of master signing:
Case number one:
In February of this year, I asked Guanyin Bodhisattva whether I could become a wealthy person this year. The result of drawing a Guanyin spiritual sign was 96. I think the answer is yes, since it is a bid. But I am not rich now. I just went to pump and asked the Guanyin Bodhisattva: Can I be a rich person before the end of this year? The result is still this sign. I have a friend who understands what this sign means. Can I be rich before the end of this year?
Answer: This sign-up only means that you have a chance to become a wealthy person, and you still need to work hard to achieve that.
Case two:
My name is Zhang XX, male, blood type A. I was born on April 19, 2000 at 18 and 23, and when I was seeking marriage, I won the Guanyin Spirit Sign 96. I do n’t know what it means. I hope someone can read it for me.
Answer: If you are seeking love, this is a good sign. As long as you are serious about your life, you will soon meet the one in your life.
Case three:
Knowing a girl, the other person feels it, and it is the same day and the same month (93419), but she wants me to go to her house as a son-in-law. The problem is that her conditions are much better than mys, and I do n’t have much ability I'm afraid he looks down at home, please help answer the next sign, thank you!
Answer: Believe that she can give her a bright future, use actions to move her, and ask his family's consent.
Case four:
Recently, my body has been uncomfortable. I went to the hospital to check and spent a lot of money but it still has no effect.
Answer: It is recommended that you go to a few more hospitals for physical diseases. The Guanyin Spirit Visa No. 96 can give you a result, and the result should be good.

Huayi Fortune Telling Network reminds you: No matter whether you are lucky or bad, do n’t have to be happy or discouraged. Fortunately, good fortune is bad luck, bad luck is good luck in the past, and doing good things is the root of good luck. (Reprinted, please indicate from -Huayi.com: allblogsite.com)


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