Kwan Yin Ling 97th

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Avalokitesvara No. 97 [6 out of Qishan]


Signed Poem Version 1 <br /> If the garden moonlight shakes the shadows, if you spread them over the ground, how many times will the children come to clean up?
Signed Poetry Version 2 <br /> When the wind is lit, and the shadows are scattered into a mirror, the flowers are tired and the children are asked to clean them up, but the magic floats are tired and the children are asked to clean them up.
The children's book is a surprise.
This is a floating magpie. Floating means a flying object.
Interpretation of poems, signed poems, signed poems, two poems, overall interpretation <br /> Moonlight swaying in the garden When the wind is lit, the moonlight sways in the garden. When the wind lit the candle, the shadow shook.
If you spread it all over the ground, Qiong will spread it into the mirror. It's like a lot of flowers in the mirror.
The children came to clean up a few times, and the children asked to be cleaned up. How many times did the children come to clean up? I knew it was just a phantom branch floating on the ground.
Joan: Meiyu.
槎: branch.
[Good luck] Signed the lot [House] Hai Palace
[Signature] This hexagram when the wind lights the candle, everything is worthless.
[Solution] Richness and wealth in fate of poverty is the predestination.
[Fairy machine] This signing house is prudent, self-careful, seeking for money and profit, prudent transactions, marriage is flat, Rokko is shocked, pedestrians are stunned, six silkworms are damaged, no trace is found, litigation is lost, migration is old, lost Fierce, sick and overcast, grave changed.
[Note] The branches of the garden are swayed by the wind, and through the moonlight, it seems to be covered with a whole piece of beautiful jade on the ground. Several times I want to call a boy to clean it, but where can the shadow on the ground be cleaned up? The rich and the rich are in the sky, the poverty is by fate, and there is no need to make plans. This sign of vanity and fame, should not be coveted in all things. This signatories. The name of a small name. Whoever Pepsi can't be greedy. Poetry said: Qi Ruopu spreads all over Qiong. Did you know that it would be impossible to clean up. Rujun's actions are not fast. Will be out of control. Rumors spread. In the end, you will be trapped in the net. Only a few people know such a hardship. In other words. Good luck under your eyes. The knowledge of wealth is in heaven. Poverty is by chance. There are all those who decide. This sign means "endless desire". The parties are advised not to get too greedy in everything. For things around you, it is good to have a balance that is sufficient, and you should not let your feet grow and let your desires expand endlessly. No matter how greedy, greedy, or eager, it is not good. Not only will it not help the matter itself, it will even lead to adverse effects. Everything should be cautious and restrained, always reviewing and restraining their own desires; contentment can always be happy.
[Allusion] After Zhuge Liang returned to Chengdu, he remained unmoved for three years. In the spring and February of the twelfth year of Jianxing this year, Liang told his lord (Liu Chan) to go out to pray for the sixth time. The commander of the army attacked Wei. The astronomical officer advised him not to send troops. Say, "Bend everything, and die." Sure enough, this time, Zhuge Liang died of illness. Floating raft: Legend has it that the raft travels between the sea and Tianhe. "Three Kingdoms"
The essence of this signature <br /> is like a dream bubble.
【explain in detail】
Qingliangyuejie doing everything <br /> This signature describes this aspirational matter, like a dream, which is out of reach, which is all fate.
The good destiny of life comes from the good deeds of the past life. Therefore, if you lament that you lack a good destiny, you should stop evil, Do good deeds and accumulate virtues, so that a good destiny will emerge in the future. In addition, if the fate of the original bad destiny has not yet been published, the karma should be repented to prevent the bad destiny from occurring.
Love marriage
If it is a love chaser, although there may be a lover for a while, it is often left alone and there is no following.
Chasing several times, there is always no good fruit like a dream.
If you ask for job prospects
Ordinary work performance, hard life, lack of outlook.
If you ask about your career
If you ask the entrepreneur, the future is bleak, and there is no profit. This is destiny.
Examination contest, promotion, election
If you participate in various contests, even if you are optimistic for a while, they often fail.
Investment and wealth management
In terms of investment, they are often optimistic, but they have not made any money. This is also the reason for fate.
In business, often the upcoming business often retreats, this is destiny.
Real estate transactions <br /> When buying and selling real estate, they tend to be optimistic for a while, but often do not make money. This is the reason for their bad destiny.
Treatment and health <br /> Regarding the treatment of diseases, although there are some treatments, it seems to be effective, and it is often ineffective in the future. This disease should make great efforts to confess karma, which can reduce the suffering.
Conversion changes
At present, it is not easy to try to change. In fact, even if it changes, it seems effective for a while, and the result is often useless.
Praying for Pregnancy <br /> If you want to conceive a child, you have a child and a child, but no child is doomed.
Lawsuits <br /> Fortunes, losses or jail in lawsuits.
Finding People and Objects <br /> Lost items cannot be found. This is also the reason for fate. Once stole the property of others, it has fallen to this place.
Travel abroad
If you want to go to further education, this plan seems to be good, but it often leaves nothing to fruition.
Signing poem story one
◇ When Kong Ming was out of the Three Kingdoms of Qishan, Qishan traversed between Wei and Shu.
For the sixth time in Qishan, Kong Ming wrote the starting table, but he couldn't win. In the end, Zhuge Liang died of illness in Wuzhangyuan at the age of 54 due to overwork.
(This story refers to "wisdom does not resist karma")
Signed poem story two
◇ Deng Tong's Copper Mountain Casting Money Deng Tong was originally a boatman (Huangtou Lang), and was favored because he met the warning signs of the Emperor Han Wen.
The villain Deng Tong is proud, naturally very proud. One day, the Emperor Wen sent his confidante to a high-ranking aristocrat who specially showed Deng Tong a picture. Wendi thought, like Deng Tong Faces, of course, are the appearance of nobles, and the favor of the emperor is an example. Deng Tong is indeed in line with the noble appearance of law. Xiangshi's heart was surprised, no wonder such a Huangtou Lang had such a good fortune, and he was in peace. However, after all, the scholars were very accomplished, and he saw Deng Tong's miserable end from the appearance of Deng Tong. He told Wendi lightly that Deng Tong would die of hunger in the future.
Emperor Wen couldn't believe that the person whom Dianzi Tianzi liked would die of hunger in the future? Emperor Wen seemed to be angry with himself, so he would not do it, never stop, and made special intentions to grant Deng Tongshu County Yantong Tongshan to allow him to make money by himself. This is tantamount to giving Deng Tong the wealth of the world, and Deng Tong is rich in the world, even no less than Tianzi. Deng Tong had the privilege of coining money, convening men and women, and coining money on a large scale. Deng's money has since become popular.
Once, Emperor Wen became ill and was very ill. He had unpleasant sores on his body and pus flowed from the sores. Deng Tong served Wendi, and his nose did not wrinkle, let alone the smell of the suspected body. When the sore was mature and the pus flowed out, Deng Tong lowered his body silently, sucked the pus and blood, and then changed the medicine to the doctor, and the sore was healed soon.
Emperor Wen was so moved, he asked Deng Tong, "Who loves me the most in this world?"
The clever Deng Tong thought and replied, "Of course my prince is your favorite." Wendi nodded.
The prince visited Wendi, who pointed to a sore on his body and said to the Prince, "There is pus here, you suck it clean."
The prince looked at the disgusting abscess and almost spit it out. How could he bend down and suck again? The prince stood there, and he was distraught.
After this incident, the prince was worried and did not understand the intention of the father and emperor.
The Prince sent inquiries to his confidant and learned from the emperor's servant that Deng Tong sucked pus for the emperor every day, and there was a conversation about who loved me most in the world. The prince naturally felt ashamed, but since then, he hated Deng Tong.
In June 1557, Emperor Wen died at the Weiyang Palace in Changan at the age of 46. Prince Liu Qi ascended the throne as Emperor Han Jing. Emperor Jing set out to consolidate the regime, and Deng Tong was first sent back to his hometown to be abolished. Then, it was reported that Deng Tong privately minted coins, and Deng Tong was copied. In the end, Deng Tong, benevolent of Wendi, was really hungry and died.
Case of master signing:
Case number one:
What does it mean for the master Guanyin to sign 97th (six-pass Qishan) marriage, peace, disease, and yin, what do you mean? I ask for marriage, career, and disease. Will the disease be cured and the marriage won? Pointing, thanks.
Answer: Marriage and career need to strive for through their own efforts, and illness needs to go to the hospital to see a doctor.
Case two:
The company is going to close down. Many colleagues have changed jobs in advance. I also want to change jobs to find a good job before the festival, but I don't know what the future will be. So I asked for a divination. It was the 97th sign of Guanyin Spirit. I do n’t know what it means? Should I wait for it to change or leave?
Answer: Many times about leaving and staying with your own work, you have to take your own ideas. Signing can only give you a pointer.
Case three:
I divorced last year and I am single now. I would like to know when my second spring appears and where is my other half? I am asking for a visa today to ask about my marriage. Supreme, help me out. More points.
Answer: It is not particularly good to find this visa for marriage, because the Guanyin Spirit No. 97 is the next one to sign, and the meaning still needs to wait.
Case four:
At the end of the college entrance examination, a group of recruiters came here from home. I don't know if I should recruit them or not. I am very entangled.
Answer: If you want to go then go and continue your studies.

Huayi Fortune Telling Network reminds you: No matter whether you are lucky or bad, do n’t have to be happy or discouraged. Fortunately, good fortune is bad luck, bad luck is good luck in the past, and doing good things is the root of good luck. (Reprinted, please indicate from -Huayi.com: allblogsite.com)


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