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Guanyin Spirit Hundredth Lot [Three Religions Talk]


A version of the poem signed <br /> If you want to go, you want to go to the west
Signed Poem Version 2
The change of the Buddha's spirit and the confidant's insanity say that when the coma is turned into a coma, the old man can get a spiritual sign instead of staying old and staying alive.
If you ask for a second sign. Definitely sign before. Don't be embarrassed.
Interpretation of poems and signed poems and signed poems and two interpreters as a whole <br /> If you want to go east, you will go to the west. This is God and Buddha deliberately want to change to let you know, to make you aware.
When people say things turn fascinating, people say things turn coma, but stupid people are often blind to things, and do not know the revelation.
The old man who did not see the immortal face when he climbed the mountain asked for a spiritual sign, but if he entered Baoshan, he did not get the treasure.
Don't mention it if you go home, don't ask questions.
[Good luck] Signed the lot [House] Hai Palace
[Signature] This Gua Shouchang often do not move, everything matters to Shiji also.
[Xie Yue] Complete the spiritual sign to report to the king and still do not wait
[Xianji] This sign is full, all things are unfavorable.
[Explanation] I want to go east and west again, and I can talk capriciously when I meet people. It seems that I climbed up the mountain and could not find the trace of the immortal. It would be better to go back. This signing is worth 100, praying before it happens, scheming for business, laboriously lingering. This sign is uncertain, and everything is more false and less real. This signatories. Impermanence. Those who are stubborn and weak are also. One hundredth. Is the surplus. It is the end of all numbers. That is to say. It is the end of the top count. Beginning of the last few. In other words. The darkness will go. Dawn is coming. On the surface is the Decline Phase. In fact, it means Tongheng. Only the foundation of blessing. Should be carefully collected. And Bai Qi's yet-to-be-planned laborious affair. This sign means "unrealistic". The parties are advised to be down-to-earth in everything. There are some things you can't meet but you can't ask for them. If you do n’t forget about things that are fleeting, it is tantamount to waiting for the rabbit, but it is just a waste of time and effort. Rather than clinging to uncertain things, it is better to get rid of myths and become self-reliant. Whenever you are practical and step by step, you need to know a little hard work to gain a little. If you have a dream, you have to work hard to achieve it, otherwise it will just be a fantasy.
[Allusion] The three religions refer to the three denominations of Buddhism (Sakyamuni), Confucianism (Confucius), and Taoism (Zhang Daoling). During the Emperor Wu of the Northern Zhou Dynasty (AD 561), Buddhism and Confucianism disputed and rejected each other, and Buddhism suffered particularly. The emperor then summoned representatives of the three denominations of Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, and debated the length and position of the "Tao". After three arguings, there was no conclusion. From then on, the three denominations developed freely in the Chinese folk, and the post-Buddhism Romance for China The mainstream of people's faith. There are also three religions saying the same.
The essence of this signature <br /> The end of the day.
【explain in detail】
Refreshing the moon and explaining everything to do things <br /> This sign describes that ordinary people do not know the truth of the truth, while the gods and Buddhas show change in order to make people awaken.
"If you want to go west, you want to go west" means that if you are always undecided about things, if you want to do it once, then you want to do it again, then you may lose both ends.
"Climbing does not see the immortal face" This description describes that if you enter Baoshan, you should try to get the treasure so as not to be wasted.
If you ask for a lot, then you should get the true meaning of it, so it won't cost you anything.
"Elderly people are better off staying in the old age than to stay in the old days." This implies that if you are an elderly person, then you must be mentally prepared to obtain this visa, and you must be prepared for your next life.
"Last sign" represents the end of one thing, and also the beginning of another state.
"Last sign" also means that everything will become "empty", but you can vigorously Do good deeds and sincerely pray to gods and Buddhas to pray that things will be good in the future.
Those seeking this sign should seek another sign for clear instructions.
Love marriage
If you ask lovers, if you are currently a partner, this sign means that the love is over.
If you are currently in a love dilemma, this is a signal that this dilemma is about to leave.
Job search and entrepreneurship <br /> If you are currently running a business, this sign means that this business is coming to an end.
Examination contest promotion election <br /> If you ask various contestants and promotion candidates, this time the hope is "empty." However, after "empty", it is the beginning of another part of your life.
Investment and Finance <br /> If you ask investors, this investment will be a serious loss. After the loss, it is the beginning of another part of your life.
Business Business <br /> If you are a business person, this business will one day end. And the end of this business is also the beginning of your own life.
Real estate transactions <br /> If you ask real estate buyers, this new real estate purchase or sale will be the beginning of your own life.
Treating Health <br /> If you ask the patient, this disease will lead people to another stage of life. Please hold the lawsuits of Buddha and Bodhisattva.
Change and Change <br /> For those who want change in the current affairs, there will be two very different lives before and after the change.
Praying for Pregnancy <br /> If you are a pregnant person, if you have a pregnancy or a child, your life will be very different. Advising not giving birth is the best decision.
The outcome of this lawsuit will lead to very different lives.
Tracing people and objects <br /> It is recommended not to search.
Traveling abroad travelling abroad <br /> If you want to travel far away, this will make a big difference in your life.
Signing a poem story ◇ When the three religions talked about Emperor Zhou of the North, the three religions (Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism) were mutually exclusive. The emperor convened a conference to allow Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism to debate. After three arguments, no conclusion was reached.
This story is an example: the three religions are one religion, fools are ignorant, they are strong and eloquent, and they are foolish.
Signed Poem Story 2 ◇ The legend of King Xiang Wang's balcony dream wakes up that year, King Xiang Xiang and Song Yu (Chu Guo Cifu writer in the late Warring States Period) came to the Yunmeng platform and saw the endlessly changing cloud atmosphere. King Xiang asked what it was?
Song Yu replied, this is "Chaoyun."
King Chu who likes to ask the west and asks what is "Chaoyun"?
Song Yu told King Xiang that in the ancient times, Yan Emperor's daughter Yao Ji died before she got married, and was buried in Wuyang Mountain, so she was called the daughter of Wushan. The first king, Chu Huai Wang, once visited the Gaotang platform and dreamed of a woman coming to him and said to him, "I am the daughter of Wushan and a guest of Gaotang. Wenjun swims in Gaotang and would like to recommend a pillow."
So he spent the night happily in the spring dream. When he was leaving, the daughter of Wushan told King Chu Huai, "He is in the sun of Wushan, the hill of Gaoqiu, once the cloud, the twilight is the rain, the twilight is the twilight, and After awaking from the dream, King Chu Huai only saw a cloud on the witch, so he ordered people to build a temple for the goddess, and called it "Chaoyun."
After listening to the story of the first king, King Chu Xiang felt envious and wanted to dream of the goddess. Sure enough, he also met the daughter of Wushan in the middle of the night. Similarly, after one night, the goddess was like a cloud. Usually disappeared. And when he woke up, King Chu Xiang was "sweeping his tears and praying for it."
(This story illustrates that life is like a play. All bitterness is like a dream.)
Case of master signing:
Case number one:
I am very convinced that when a Guanyin spiritual lottery is encountered, I will ask for one when I am confused and get some instructions.
Recent work has been very unsuccessful, stressful, and fighting with colleagues; life is not smooth, always complaining, complaining, not seeing everything, and doing nothing. It's an unprecedented situation.
I do n’t know what happened, and I have n’t done anything bad? Could it be that an unjust creditor came to collect the debt.
I want to change jobs, but I do n’t dare to move easily.
I sincerely asked for a signature of the full signature as follows:
Please also understand the signing expert to help me analyze the instructions to get lost in the Amitabha Buddha: this sign is 100 sign full, full overflow. Everything is unfavorable. I want you to do more good deeds, Release, light, do merit, and so on, and you will be safe. Otherwise there will be irregularities. Do a lot of good deeds and it will be fine.
Case two:
I have been separated with my boyfriend for more than 2 months, and I am very confused. When I arrive at the temple and Taoist temple, I ask for a sign and ask the gods for guidance. I asked several times before, and the master who cancelled the visa almost said that marriage could be achieved, but every time he contacted his boyfriend, he didn't have the idea of recombination. Today I went to a temple and asked for a sign from the Bodhisattva. I asked him if he could make it. He asked for a 100 sign for Guanyin Spirit. Come later. Xie Yue: Completely sign the letter and report to Jun Jiaxin. Do not wait until the Bodhisattva said that I should stop asking for visas everywhere?
Signing off: It is the Bodhisattva saying that you should stop asking for visas everywhere. The Bodhisattva also tells you that it is better to ask for yourself. I also tell you, don't get too obsessed. Wait patiently for a while. If you chase him blindly, the effect may not be good, because he may despise you more. I hope you understand.
Case three:
I have been in a emotional dilemma for a long time. I asked for a sign when I was relieved.
Master signing: If you ask the lovers, if you are currently a partner, this sign means that the love is over.
Case four:
What I asked for was a divorce. I have n’t divorced after two years. The other party did not negotiate, and went to the court without trial. The other party was thinking about competing for property and asking the superior to release the visa. Thank you.
Master signing: This is a full sign. Everything is bad. Great masterpiece. Can be safe. The divorce is not very smooth, you need to do some merits to be smooth.

Huayi Fortune Telling Network reminds you: No matter whether you are lucky or bad, do n’t have to be happy or discouraged. Fortunately, good fortune is bad luck, bad luck is good luck in the past, and doing good things is the root of good luck. (Reprinted, please indicate from -Huayi.com: allblogsite.com)


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